Asciiware ps1 arcade stick


I recently borrowed an ascii stick from a friend of mine, mainly for fighting games.
And since i am planning to pursase a hori real arcade pro 2 stick. I was wondering how good or bad is this stick in comparison with the HRAP2? Any comment’s are welcome thanx in advance.


There are two Asciiware sticks for PS1, one has a case shaped like a PS1 and a balltop, the other is more generic looking with a bat. I have the latter, and although it does have Omron switches (I think what’s used in Sanwa JLW?), everything else sucks. Buttons use the rubber nipple-like things so they’re really stiff and unresponsive. The stick doesn’t have a spring, the inner structure of it looks a lot like a stock Hori.

HRAP2 is way better. A button-modded HRAP2 is virtually perfect.


I have the first one he is talking about, the “Specialized” stick:

It’s got a square gate like the HRAP and the buttons also use the nipple mechanism but they are actually pretty decent. It’s not at all heavy but has a nice metal bottom that stays put while you play.

Compared to a HRAP the stick is decent but not nearly as good. The HRAP’s Sanwa stick is much more sturdy and responsive especially when hitting corners. The HRAP’s throw is also much larger.

The buttons are very different because the ASCII ones are much more springy and require much more force to push than Horis and especially Sanwas if you make the switch.

So if you liked that ASCII then you will definately love the HRAP much more. Making the switch is like going from the minors to the big leagues.


thanx for the fast reply guy’s, so in other words i can expect a much better control if i use a HRAP2.


Yes, pretty much better than anything else out there, especially if you swap out the buttons.


Had to bump this, cause I have a question about the ASCIIware PS1 stick and its the bat stick/huge button version. So I was trying another complex combo on HSF2 with CE Ken against Zangief:

Cross Up J.Roundhouse - C.Short x 3 - CPS1 Chained Close S.Fierce - Fierce Shoryuken

For some odd reason, I can do this with that cheap stick easily, and I have lots of trouble pulling the same combo with the Hori Fighting Stick 2. I was wondering if anyone ever opened one of these ASCIIs up and see if the cheap bat stick is an octagon gate or something? I know the Hori Fighting Stick 2 is a Square gate I think.


that is a complex combo alright.
why see its gate when you can much easier feel the corners and tell what gate it is

corners on upback, up, upforward, forward, downforward, down, downback, back = octagon corners only on upback, upforward,downforward,downback = square.


Yeah, it seems I can pull off complex stuff more, mainly ones involving HCBx2 supers, with that cheap thing than on the Hori sticks Made in China. As for that cheap thing, I think it sort of feels like an octagon. The Hori, yeah it felt like a square.

BTW, yeah I figured out how to do that Ken combo with the Hori. As for HCBx2 super combos, yeah still kinda tough on square gate Hories.


my HFS2 has an octagon gate, and my ASCII has a square.


i have the shitty gray ASCII with small buttons.


My bat-top Ascii has a square gate. It’s all white plastic, restrictor plate at the bottom, main base at the surface, microswitches screwed in between those two. HFS2 must be pretty damn crappy for it to be worse. I’d say a stock Hori in the SC2/T4 sticks feel much better than the Ascii despite the apparent similarity.