Asciiware PS1 Stick

Okay, my little cousin got a ps1 from my uncle since he doesn’t use it anymore and he got some fighting games like Street Fighter Collection, Tobal 2 and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He really wants to use a arcade stick. I found one of the old school Asciiware arcade sticks for $10. Are they any good? Any alternatives are also appreciated as well.

It does the job. Although I have no idea how good those buttons are.
If you ask me, you want a quality stick look else where.

What is your budget and how casually is he going to be playing them? If it’s just a fun/introductory thing I’d say you’re fine. If you want to be a pal get him a Namco stick. It may run closer to $50.

I think you’d be lucky to get a Namco joystick for $50 now… Except to pay more unless the Namco Joystick is in really sad shape. Of course, when I bought mine they were on clearance for $14.99 (circa 1998).

The Asciiware stick – I’ve had no experience with that although I’ve seen the pictures of it… I had the Ascii Saturn Fight Stick (identical to the Ascii PS Fight Stick) and it was fairly comfortable. A lot of the knock-off joysticks are looser and feel like a JLF in the better cases. I think Ascii (better known as Agetec) was pretty good at mimicking the general JLF feel. The OEM joystick in their Dreamcast Agetec stick was JLF-like, too.

The Ascii arcade sticks I’ve played with – the Ascii Saturn Fight Stick and the Agetec Dreamcast Joystick – had fairly light OEM buttons. Comparable to the lighter feel of Sanwa buttons. Not quite as sensitive but definitely softer than Seimitsu PS-14-G buttons, too.

Unless Ascii uses the same switches in the Asciiware Fight Stick that the Ascii Fighting Stick line used, the buttons will most likely feel “hard”. The Ascii Fighting Stick series had fairly soft-feeling buttons, comparable in feel to Sanwa 30mm buttons… much easier to play with those long-term than the Namco Joystick buttons or anything that Hori put in the pre-HRAP, HRAP (no SA or SE), or HRAP-lite joysticks.

$10 at any rate is cheap for any controller in any era of the videogame industry, let alone a used 15-year-old stick. $10 won’t even buy more than three 30mm buttons now let alone pay half the cost of a brand-new JLF or Seimitsu joystick on their own.

Always loved the Asciiware stick since it looked like a freakin’ Playstation.

…Right down to the side vent grills. Played with it less than 2 days ago for extended hours on GGPO ST…the stick is microswitched and has a tighter feel than the jlf. It has a shaft cover though which is neat, but that is as good as it gets. The buttons are tough as, most because of the resistance involved to depress them and the base is a steel base so it has a bit of weight about it.

Not entirely true GeorgeC. I got logged out of ebay for some reason otherwise I probably would’ve sniped both this one and this one both from the same seller for approximately that price. As things stand, they both went for under $50, shipped to somebody else. The last bid was mine so they may’ve even gone for under $40 otherwise. To me, $50 seems to be a fair value for a loose one, considering they’re a rare discontinued product and are a small formfactor stick that serve a very nifty niche for people who happen to have both a psone with both a screen and battery. There are plenty of arcade ports to the Playstation…

Also, if not only to remain marginally on topic yay, classic game room. Judging by the sound of the clicking in the video, it sounds almost as if the playstation’s Asciiware uses proper microswitches, unlike many other budget joysticks. That’s at least somewhat respectable when compared to their Super Nintendo outing. Heck, none of the budget sticks I’ve bought for my 16 bit consoles used microswitch based joysticks, not even the first party genesis model…

Get a Wii fighting stick and swap PCB’s. That’s what I’m going to do with my ASCII PS1 Stick PCB.

Asciiware vs namco
Which ones better when choosing a arcade stick for ps1

So which one is better

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