Some of that are really bad matchupd, like Yun and Dudley. Vega/sakura aren’t a tough matches, if you have some problem with AA you should practice until you get solid. For example can you poke your enemy with medium /low limbs and use blast ex if enemy jumps over your limb?

Post some video and we’ll try to give you some tips.

Yeah uploading videos would be helpful so we can help you more specifically.

Something I do whenever I’m struggling with a certain matchup is add the next player that destroys you with a character you’re weak against, and have extended endless sets with them.

You’ll lose a lot, and that sucks, but you can start to see why you’re losing. You’ll notice things that start to make the game go down hill, like letting someone neutral jump in on you for free, or when Dudleys sweep your poke, etc…

And the good thing about endless is you can “train”. I struggled against people who would just jump in over my poke, jump again and hit a cross up, so I played endless and prioritized anti airing over everything else, so I don’t have to think about it, its just a reaction now.

I’m not incredible by any means, I’m floating between 2200-2600pp, but doing this, I feel I’ve improved waaaay faster than I did when I was just spamming rated games.

Some patterns players have are player specific, but when that situation pops up in rated again, you’ll have it on lock from just grinding games

You’re right… Main thing is not let jump for free, even with empty jumps (in most of matchup you can control your enemy).

Then one of goal in my matches is to build a meter poking my enemy. Until I reach one bar I can finally choose to AA with ex blast gaining space and a free setup, or create more space in tough situation using slide LK xx flame ex.

The only matchup I feel it’s trully IMPOSSIBLE is Makoto. There’s literally nothing you can do, basically all of her pokes will beat Dhalsim’s pokes (no matter if it’s the longer or the shorter pokes).

All the other bad matchups are really hard, but not impossible. I think that even Yun isn’t as hard as the Makoto one.

Try fighting Rolento. Sim cannot do anything at all :slight_smile:

Well, at least Rolento does not have a command throw.

You can beat Rolento, but you can’t rely on normals to AA him. But I wouldn’t say it’s even close to his nightmare matchups like Abel, Makoto and Yun.
I’d put Rolento in the “bad matchup like Rufus” category :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny how everyone complained about Sim possibly having one ‘8-2’ matchup vs Hugo when his double hitting st.MK was still in the game. Yet no one cares when Sim has a few 8-2 and loads of 7-3 and 6-4 matchups of his own to deal with.

People hates Sim that’s why. Just take a look at the number of posts from people telling Capcom not to put Sim in SFV.

Sounds to me like you’re just lacking general character knowlege, OP. If you know another character, you can try using them to gain knowledge. Before I picked up Dhalsim, all my match-up experiences was mostly using Ryu; that match-up experience carried over for me. Like for Ryu vs online Blanka: I always start the round by walking back for just a few frames, crouch block for a few frames, and finally I Because I walked back just enough, light blanka ball will whiff and the will lead into a punish. Because I crouch block at the right time, if he did an immediate slide I’ll just block it and punish on reaction. All I look for while doing all of this is a jump to anti-air. I don’t know if Dhalsim can actually do something like this since his walk speed is lower than most, but the point is my match-up experience with Ryu is useful to other characters including Dhalsim. I use this trick with Yun vs online Blanka, Ken vs, online Blanka, Seth vs online blank, and so on and it works.

General Tips:
If they block or get hit by or at max or almost max range, you can probably fireball immediately after safely and be in position punish when they jump over the fireball. I usually just poke when they’re closer than that. When they’re just out of range, a great trick is to hold forward and spam; when they jump, just do EX yoga blast on reaction. You’ll find fchamp and probably other sim players do it all the time. So you don’t have to fireball at jump-in range anymore. You have the trick to keep them away somewhat safely while being able to anti-air on reaction.

I play a lot of characters, and a universal tactic I use against Sims is to empty jump just outside of Sim’s back knee range and whiff punish if I see the knee. Some Sims become somewhat afraid to knee at the range and I use that to get frame advantage with Ryu’s for example. So be aware of that range where the knee will whiff if they empty jump. Put yourself either farther or closer to deal with it.

VS Ibuki:
[] Be aware of her super jump; if she super jumps for a crossup, is probably a better anti-air than your usual
] Be aware that her EX Neckbreaker can be used to punished fireballs on reaction; however, I usually assume online players won’t punish me on reaction (they might do it preemptively).
[] Be ready to block her overhead on reaction. If you can’t react, just stand block when you feel it’s coming (some people get pretty predictable and reacting isn’t really necessary).
] Her wakeup pressure is strong, but it can be lessened by mixing up your wake up options with delayed tech, teleport, back-dash, or focus back-dash.
[*] She can use kunai’s to get in—I don’t remember exactly how I would dealt with it. I have ideas though. You can focus, though it might be dangerous to do so. You can hit it out of the air and anti-air her at the same time; you can jump back or up and air-to-air punish (nj.hp, for example). You might be able to slide under also depending on how high she does it. You can also try doing instant air teleport behind her. Another thing, you should be able to judge if either you or she has frame advantage based on how high the kunai contacted your hitbox.
That’s what I think is probably bothering you most in this match-up. The general strategy for you is to first get in a safe position to fireball and zone, as usual. So at the start of the first round, I would recommend just walking back until you reach that position and watch for a jump or super jump to anti-air. If you are able to anti-air her, you’re probably in a position to either start zoning or to push her back into that position with a poke as she resets. Zone her properly the way you do with everyone else and be aware of her meter as you zone her (same goes for other match-ups). As soon as she has 1 bar, fireballs become too dangerous unless against a bad player. You can fireball only at positions where EX neckbreaker can’t reach or won’t reach in time to punish you. I don’t remember how far that position is, but I think you should be just farther than st.hp range. So get to that position by walking back or pushing her back with max range st.hp. If you happen to be close to the block her EX. uppercut, punish with focus attack or use lk. slide to avoid a possible kunai and combo punish. That’s all I can think of for her.

VS Dudley:
[] Besides jumping, he can use ducking preemptively to avoid fireballs. You should be punishing ducking with anticipating pokes. Usually the poke of choice would be However, serious players will probably whiff punish you, so be aware of their skill level. When he has meter he can probably punish your fireballs on reaction with EX ducking. Don’t know for sure, though you probably don’t have to worry about that against the online crowd.
] He will probably use focus a lot. If he using it distance at which it would whiff if he released it, you should be using as a poke. If he releases it after absorbing thinking it will hit your limbs, whiff punish with st.hp. If he just dashes forward after absorbing, I might immediately poke with, but it depends on who you’re playing. If he’s using at a distance where it would make contact with you if he released it, you might try reacting with lp. yoga flame or throwing out any yoga flame in anticipation.
[] I don’t remember exactly, but I think his is pain to anti-air normally. You should experiment with air-to-air normals and see what’s good. You might also slide into or under occasionally. Mix up your defensive options in general (he could use a different jump normal or different timing to possible stuff you air-to-air attempt).
] If you get knocked down, back dash is probably not a good option. Just block high or low, and teleport occasionally unless he consistently punishes it (perhaps with EX machine gun blow).
[] Important to know for the next point! Sim’s and are 3 frame moves. His normal throws are also 3 frame moves and have more range than any other character’s normal throws!
] If he gets in on you, he has several offensive options.
[] If he tries to use overhead in the middle of his block string, you’ll just have to block it or interrupt it with,, or throw though is punishable even on hit (he probably won’t react in time to punish it anyway).
] If cancels into ducking, to restart his block string, back-throw him (back-throw is usually preferable for setups and is safer since you can OS block), him, or just continue blocking to burn the timer.
[] If he cancels into light machine gun blow walk back, OS block and if he’s one to mash his uppercut afterwards. If he’s not one to mash his uppercut after it, you can before he can do anything since he is -2. You might also, but you might trade depending on your timing and what he does. Use this chance to get out either by cancelling into teleport or yoga fire.
] If he does medium or heavy machine gun blow, punish. Medium is -4, and you might punish with or You can optionally cancel those into yoga fire, yoga flame, or teleport to get away. None of those will combo except maybe xx EX yoga flame. You might also use if you don’t care for the damage from or and you don’t want to use meter for EX yoga flame. Heavy machine gun blow is -5. You might punish with if your timing is right which can lead into a combo.

I’d have more for you, and I can if you want, but I’m tired of typing. So maybe later, if you want.

Thank you, I will read that asap. I am very bad vs Bison for some reason, if you have any advice, i’d be grateful.