ASF Explorer ? Third Strike BGM change? EDIT: IT WORKS :)

Has anyone tried this software to change the music in a safety copy of a game?
Like SF3 3rd strike for example?

I know they use this soft to change music in a soccer game (PES); it could maybe work with 3S?

I used the search button and found something for MvC2 but not for 3S.

If it has AFS archives, you can use my tutorial, which is for Capcom vs SNK 2 or Marvel vs Capcom.
You can PM me if you need help appropriating it to 3s.

thanks for your reply :smile:
i’ll see if I can manage to find something myself (I strongly doubt this) so I’ll probably PM you over the weekend.

It works, here’s an example:
Thanks again for your help SteveF

Very cool, strange song to pick, but that WAS a cool show. I love 70’s anime.

haha. i wanna do this and put SF2 music in place for all the characters, and the characters they are similar to.

What happens to the song during the round transitions?

Edit - Nevermind. In your video the music continues normally. This is intriguing.

I see what you mean, in 3S it’s one track per round (3 for arrange and 2 for original).
But note that the songs played in-game are not the same as the ones in the menu.
You have one large file for the menu songs, and many little files (10 sec. each) put together to play during the round. After each round the game waits for that little file to end before playing the round 2 song.
What I did was replace the 2 or 3 first little 10 seconds files by 2 or 3 times the song (much larger than 10 seconds) I chose for each stage; so even when the round continues; the song is still on.
And to avoid all trouble, I even replaced the 2nd and 3rd round dong; but it’s not mandatory as yuo see

so basically, you put the same song for each round? and it only loads again when the song is finished?

Yes, but you can in fact just put the song 3 or 4 times in the 1st round and it’ll work.

For example; Ken’s arranged stage music appears like this on the AFS file:

01_A_NYC.adx <— 1st round song IN THE MENU
01_A_NYC_01.adx <-- 1st 10sec. sample of the menu song (from 0" to 10" for example)
01_A_NYC_02.adx <-- 2nd 10 sec. sample of the menu song (from 10" to 20")
02_B_NYC.adx <— 2nd round song IN THE MENU
02_B_NYC_01.adx <-- 1st 10sec. sample of the menu song (from 0" to 10" for example)
02_B_NYC_02.adx <-- 2nd 10 sec. sample of the menu song (from 10" to 20")
03_C_NYC.adx <— 3rd round song IN THE MENU
03_C_NYC_01.adx <-- 1st 10sec. sample of the menu song (from 0" to 10" for example)
03_C_NYC_02.adx <-- 2nd 10 sec. sample of the menu song (from 10" to 20")

If you replace 01_A_NYC.adx / 02_B_NYC.adx / 03_C_NYC.adx with one of your songs, this will only appear in the menu, but you’ll still be hearing the “real” track when playing.

You should replace 01_A_NYC_01.adx & 01_A_NYC_02.adx for in game music.
And I think that’s all you need to do, I also changed 02_B_NYC_01.adx, 02_B_NYC_02.adx, 03_C_NYC_01.adx & 03_C_NYC_02.adx for the 2nd and 3rd round but I don’t think it’s necessary if the new 01_A_NYC_01.adx & 01_A_NYC_02.adx are long enough.
Right now the only stage where the music plays twice is Hugo’s stage because the song I used is 1’10"; but for all the others, the match finishes before the song.
Note that in training mode, you eventually hear a small sample of the real tracks, but this can be avoided by replacing everything with your songs, but you could end up with a game weighing 6 gigas or something

English tuto here

Thanks, does a little for me when I update mine with filenames and any special instructions. This’ll hold them over… I should have it added by the end of the week.

don’t think the page is working.

any color editing for ps2 version? that’s what everyone needs.

another example here and SOME CRAZY shit at the end,

awe… the finisher.

hey, I just put my 3rd strike burned copy into my computer and noticed a folder named “DPSS” that has gifs of each character from the versus screen. is there anyway we can replace those pictures?

Can this be done on the xbox version?

I want to remove all of the songs cuz I want to use it on my 360 with custom soundtracks, the 360 doesnt mute the in game songs and you cant turn the music volume down.

u can turn bgm volume down only in ps2 version,
also ud need to chip ur 360 IF it even worked

Yeah I have modded thats why im asking.