Heres some pencilled lineart of ash and remy gettin ready to duke it out.

Alright Remy art!

The true pimp of 3rd Strike. It looks good, but who is ash? Is he from Snk?

Ash Is Snk’s Femmie Man Frenchie from KOF 2003

heh, Remy looks really manly when compared to Ash :slight_smile:
pretty good.

Ash’s nails scare me a lil’

I like it. The proportions are good on this one. I love your attention to details, it’s beautiful. Ash’s hand is a little creepy with those nails and it’s in a rather akward position, but still cool.

I kinda imagined Remy would be up against Freeman from Fatal Fury 8 rather than Ash, but I guess the ripoff-ness of SNK led you to this.

I might do the Remy and Freeman fight as well. I didnt think of him.

ash is a copy cat of remy :o