Ash Vs The Evil Dead aka The G.O.A.T. show


Let the sheer perfection of that trailer just breathe a tranquil wind of pure amazing into your over-saturated brain.

I watched this trailer with a big dumb smile on my face like a little kid watching their favorite cartoon or watching John Cena vanquish another bad guy.

In first plot details:

Ash Vs The Evil Dead tv series starring Bruce Campbell. No lollipop, just chainsaw hands

It looks so good. I just showed my mom Evil Dead 2 like 2 years ago and showed her Army of Darkness this week just to prepare her for this show since she hadn’t seen em. However props to her, she had READ the army of darkness comic books back when I was a kid in the 90s (Though the jerk never gave em to me to read back then >:( )

They seem to have captured a good mid point stylistically between ED2 and AoD. It looks so far a bit darker than AoD but a bit sillier than ED2, which was already pretty silly. Also I love that 20+ years later Ash is STILL working retail. That is so fitting of the character. He is like the ultimate “almost badass.” I think that is what makes him so unique in many ways and why ED2 was so good. He shifts back and forth from bumbling goof to action hero badass and nobody else really ever has captured that idea as perfectly other than maybe Jackie Chan.

Plus the ED series is so damn quotable.

I’m ready for this show to swallow my soul.


I saw this the other day. I don’t even know what to say. It’s finally happening. Tonight the Diva’s division just got revolutionized on RAW. If Half-Life 3 gets confirmed in the next few days I’m gonna go repent my sins because the world is about to end lol.


Oh shit, Xena and Autolycus reunion?!?!?!??!







Wait? No shitty horror trope? Original stuff? Ash and Raimi?!? Holy shit dude this will be AMAZE-BALLS!!!


It’s DEAD BY DAWN. Not before.




This will be glorious!


Eh, forgivable, considering the homage/parody that the animated show Reboot did turned thar DEAD BEFORE DAWN phrase into a screeching earworm.


Hail to the king baby!


Yeah but, at least from the interview, it sounds like Raimi is only directing the pilot episode. None the less though, that’s 10 episodes of Ash!



Some CGI parts look like shit


Original stuff I don’t know. Perhaps they’ll take inspiration from the comics “Ash & the Army of Darkness” , published by Dynamite. Dark horse did a run too. Who knows, perhaps they’re just playing on the similarity of the titles (tv series is “Ash versus Evil Dead” ) , the starz series aiming for a possible new reboot of the franchise that has been through so many crossovers in the comics. We’ll soon know for sure in a couple of weeks.
As long as it’s not a crap teen movie like the 2013 reboot, devoid of any humor or guts…hopefully Campbell will save the day in one way or another.


The rumor mill of a crossover with ash and mia started up again,I don’t mind but I liked the new movie.

I was cool with there being no humor since the first one was accidental humor due to rookie team and limited budget anyway.

I was hoping the second one would be closer to ed2 shot ala drag me to Hell


Well actually the first Evil Dead movie was totally serious (the reboot movie probably wanted to take inspiration from that opus only) , the jokes came along abruptly starting with Evil Dead 2 , culminating to a true horror-comedy with AoD, but I have the impression the series will be as humorous as Army of Darkness or even more, from the look of the sidekicks and the hilarious deadite grannies. Seems there will be tons of deadite grannies.


First 4 mins of the first episode.


Nice pumpkin’s

Iggy Pop performing at the premier.

Verge article from 10/29/15

Already green lit for season 2