Ashita no Joe live action movie announced

For those that don’t know, Ashita no Joe was the Hajime no Ippo of the 70s-80s. There was an anime adaption of it that I watched as a kid, and the manga has had some of it’s early chapters scanlated.
Let’s see how this movie comes out…

Eh, I don’t know about this…

Nice av, by the way.

oh damn. this better be beast. its more like hajime no ippo is the ashita no joe of the new millenium. they put a few referenced of that show in hni.

exciting news!

Hmmm this should be good.

Tomohisa isn’t a good choice for this role imo. He’s a good actor though in other stuff I’ve seen. I hope he could pull it off.

You get Tomohisa, you get instant popularity. Yamapi fangirls come flocking.

tomohisa could probably play a good miyata.

i know there was already an ashita no joe movie from the 80s but unfortunately i’ve never seen it so i can’t say how good it was.


Ashita no Joe manga was amazing. This better be good.

yeahh boy. the father of hajime no ippo is about to go in on motherfuckers :slight_smile: