Asian countries have only just discovered Yellow Fever

LOL, This was on the news today for some reason.

hmmm, I wonder what Fishjie thinks…


rcaido you best protect yo wife,

oh i thought it meant asians finally wanted to plow asian women

I think that White Blood Disease thing with Taiwanese women is actually true.

Also, inb4biggerdicktheory.

(mainly because it’s been proven true)

fivetwelve are you white?


I assume its because…

Over here its yellow fever, over there its just being horny.


Due to bad translation, they just thought white people had SARS for them.


Theyve been trying to fuck brazillians for years and didnt get the memo.

what’s the tier list nowadays?

Yeah that’s what I thought too. I remember seeing a news report that was saying something about the Japanese population is slowly dwindling. So now the goverment is paying people to have kids. You would think as sexually repressed as most of those people are over there, they’d be getting their fuck on. I don’t understand it, a lot of them seem to be frigid about the idea of sex, yet they sell some of the most disturbing sex aids over there.

HAHAHAHAHA Justin Beiber causes White Blood Disease. :lol:

They sell some of the most disturbing masturbation material there. Big difference.

Fixed!!! I still want to try that jackoff machine. If I had one, I wouldn’t have to worry about my arm getting tired or making a mess of my had with lubes and stuff. I’m pretty sure I’d have to try in on a weiner first.


I thought that shit was hilarious as well.

The court should charge that little midget with murder!

C’mon guys we have a perfect excuse to get rid of him!