Asian people can't make videogame combat right


You play a Western game, and when it has combat shit feels natural and real, dudes reeling back from the blows, a few solid strikes kills fuckers DEAD. You play an asian game, it’s your guy having to punch and kick someone like a thousand times just to make the dude flinch and shit. It looks queer as fuck man. I wanna play as a badass who kills dudes fast, like socking them in the face so hard they just DROP. Asian games I gotta mash all these buttons so some fruit in a trenchcoat can punch them like a million times and STILL NOT KILL THEM.

Japan, you need to get some white and black people to make combat systems for your games, cuz you guys just can’t get it right

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I’m still offended by your previous thread.


So you like Fight Night and UFC games and the hand to hand combat from Uncharted 2 onward? Ok. And America might be the worst offender. Have you seen the X-Ray moves from Mortal Kombat?! People get stabbed through the head and keep fighting!

This is a pretty flimsy trolling attempt btw.


It’s about time we had American Emil.


Damn this dude has no life…

Find something better that life has to over, like a job, education, pussy…

I could understand if this was funny, but if this is all your sense of humor amounts to, then I see why you probably get no play irl…

Valaris the Ginger-headed Batman needs to take care of this ASAP…