Asian women are inferior to Black and White Women

Flat faces, no cheekbones
beady little rodent eyes
flat asses, no tits
midget height, stubby legs, pigeontoed
hairy vaginas

Asian women truly are shit. I love how Asians try to make it seem like their women are beautiful via their video games. Weeaboo anime tards think this is what Asian women look like:

Bullshit. This is what asian women really look like:

Deal with it, weeaboo scum.

your point?

You make so many good points. I don’t even know where to begin praise.

Watch the weeaboos and asians swarm in to say this is racist and false, even though they can’t prove me wrong.

asian women are beautiful

face is the only thing that matters. who gives a shit about boobies and titties. i’ll pass on ur fat white chicks thx that you call “thick”.

i’d rather all the whites and blacks think they asian women are ugly, so i can keep them all to myself

also in b4 lock

That is what most super models look like before they put on makeup.

I know you’re trolling but, at least be convincing dude.

you have to be one of the worst trolls I’ve ever seen.

also, thats not what asian women look like thats what that asian woman looks like.

if you want to see an attractive asian woman go to google and look up “attractive asian women”



Fuck weeaboos, sir.

But sod you.

With a red-hot poker.