Ask a Christian thread


Hi Srk, I just thought I would just give you all a chance to ask me anything about Christianity. I think most people (including some claiming to be Christian) have a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be Christian, and what we believe. I’m not asking anyone to believe, but just offering honest answers and clearing up misunderstandings.

I’m not here to judge anyone, and I’m not preaching.
If you don’t like this thread, then feel free to ignore it. Please don’t post hate as it helps no-one, and I will ignore it.
If you’re going to troll, please make sure that is at least funny. :clown:

If you post a question here, I will aim to post a reply within a day or so.
If you PM me a question, I will PM back and keep it completely confidential.


dont keep it all to yourself, my name is Christian too

feel free to ask me anything


No. Just no. For my own sake I’m closing this.