Ask a cop thread


This is a thread for anyone who has a question about law enforcement and the job that we do.

Without going into too many details, I’m currently a cop in a big city, I have a background as a military reservist and in 911 EMS.

I ask that your questions be specific and respectful, I don’t “feed” trolls & I hope that we can have meaningful dialogue.

I will not engage in political debates and I will not answer vague questions like “why do cops get away with…” please understand that every case has its own set of facts and local laws that apply to those facts.

So ask away fellow srk’ers.


How do the Denver PD feel about the legalization of marijuana? Do you guys bust a lot of people driving while high? If so, what are the field sobriety tests for a suspect who’s been pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence of pot?


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I’m not employed by the Denver Police Dept and I’ve personally never asked a Denver cop how they felt about the changes in marijuana laws in Colorado. But generally speaking, as officers, our job is to enforce the law and adhere to the changes in the law. Some of us agree with the changes, some of us don’t.

Every police department has their own way of doing sobriety tests and I don’t know how Denver PD does theirs. Generally, police departments have Field tests that try to determine wether or not your are oriented, alert and coordinated enough to drive safely. If you’re high, you will fail.

My advice to anyone is to simply not do drugs, and especially please don’t get high then get behind the wheel. Colorado has seen a large increase in drug related traffic fatalities after their changes to their marijuana laws.


Does the “Seat belt indicator” light also transmit a signal to the cops to let them know that you aren’t wearing a seat belt?


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Sorry, I assumed (incorrectly) that you might be in Colorado because of the Broncos avatar.

I don’t smoke weed or drink at all. But I am curious if there are specific field sobriety tests for marijuana since it’s legal in some states, and it seems a lot easier to pull off being high than being drunk. You can’t really do a breathalyzer. I was hoping there’d be some kind of test involving whether or not the suspect likes the Grateful Dead or seeing how they react to putting a bag of Doritos in front of them.


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why are small town cops such pieces of shit? haven’t had issues with big city cops but ive seen some dirty shit with small town ones. they mostly protect their friends


Do you just run plates just whenever you feel like it like these two bozos?


What makes your trigger finger itchy?


Are black people just easier to shoot?

I would figure otherwise since we all know 93% of them are armed and dangerous.


@Syke1 I wouldn’t call them bozo’s, let’s refrain from namecalling because it taints the conversation.

Every police department has their own set of rules but based on the video the officers Appeared to have acted appropriately. The officer explained his reason for the stop.

Based on the internal review it seems like he was allowed to run her license plate.

Also would you not want the police to proactively seek out stolen cars?


What does an internal investigation look like? Do you guys get notified that the department is under investigation concerning X? Or does this just happens randomly without notice?


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How much do you guys really care about weed in states where it’s not legal? For example, you pull me over and my car smells like dank but I’m in no way under the influence. Would you ask to search the car or just let it go?? And if u do find some would you be cool if it’s just a little dime bag?



Internal investigations vary depending on the what is being investigated. investigations include something as simple as an in house interview and note review while More serious full blown investigations involve wiretapping, taped interviews, subpoenas for phone/internet records, undercover sting operations and so on.

Wether or not the department is notified of an external investigation depends on who is investigating and the nature of their investigation.



If your car smells like weed it will be searched and if weed is found, the appropriate action will be taken.