Ask a cop thread


What the fuck does this even mean?


If I was the officer I would lock the guy and his friends up. Only reason the other cop didn’t arrested them was the fact he didn’t want to deal with the paper work.


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I made a joke, because he made a joke.

You guys probably have cops for parents or some shit. I don’t even know how else anyone could sympathize with scum like that.


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I give discretion to issue a warning rather than a citation on a case to case basis. For example if I stop someone for speeding, and they have numerous citations in the past for other infractions, more often than not they’ll get a ticket rather than a warning.

if i encounter someone who is respectful, honest and just made a mistake, then usually I’ll use my discretion and let them off with a warning.

But at the same time you can’t let every nice person off with just a warning because if you do, people will take advantage and drive recklessly.

On the issue of so called “quotas”, like in any other job you’re expected to work. If you work in a high crime area and all of your coworkers are bringing in summonses and arrests because the area is crime infested, and you’re bringing in nothing, then your supervisors are not wrong in having a talk with you because it looks like you’re not doing your job.


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You were stupid and should of keep your mouth shut instead of joking with a Cop like that.
They have to take such statements at face value and have to assume you are really hiding shit.


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That’s a cop out.


But seriously.

Most people can’t come to traffic court because they can’t take time off work. If the officer shows up, it will almost certainly be lost wages + fee because they were more than likely speeding, even if it’s with the flow of traffic. Also quite possible their manager won’t even give them time off.

Even if the alleged shows up, the officer’s words are taken at face value, because they are trained to take good notes. It’s difficult to argue with that unless there’s some kind of video evidence.

Speaking of that particular case, BBQ said the officer was following him for a long time. Wouldn’t the police car’s video equipment show that he was or wasn’t doing anything in particular different from the rest of traffic? Is it easy for an alleged person to gain access to the video ahead of a trial (in your area)? Would that not matter though, because the simple answer is, “you were speeding”?

If what BBQ alleges is true, then perhaps the officer was rude as well and may have indicated something by the way the officer said about a person who drives a motorcycle?
That could be resolved with a body cam. So on that note. Do you wear a body cam? Do you keep it on virtually the entire time you are on duty, exceptions for bathroom breaks and when shoving a dozen donuts down the gullet (sorry again for the awful cop joke)?

In a particular case of “going the flow of traffic” while everyone is speeding, why is it OK, legally speaking, for a police officer to pull over one person? What’s the burden of proof to show that a person has been singled out? Is it just shit luck when a person is pulled over when everyone is speeding?


I going to stop you right there, couple of things you need to know how the real world works.

  1. No employer can stop you from having to take a day off to go to court. Regardless if it’s some sort of violation or Jury Duty.
    Only Exception to this is Some Federal Government Employment such as the military (with Jury Duty), and they have their own rules to follow.

  2. Not every state gives you the choice, depending on the violation and the state you are in you are Required to show up, even for a minor traffic violation and failure to do so will mean your arrest.

Not true, a good judge hears out both sides of the case, evaluates each side before making a judgement.

LOL, that does not mean they actually take good notes or even mean anything. And if those notes are not in the official reports it means nothing.

When this happens its usually the one person doing 75 in a 55 zone and everyone else is doing 90. It’s easier to catch that “Slower” speeder.

In most states it does not matter, the court can care less what the other drivers are doing even if all of the other drivers are breaking the same law.
What matters is you are the one who got caught.


Good points from you guys but from my experience its fucked. After discussing to an attorney my situation, it was better off to just accept the bargains from these minor offenses. This was a couple years ago so I forgot exactly why I’d have a snow ball chance in hell to try to fight the tickets myself, but since I have a clean record, it was less expensive to show up at the pretrial, bend over and accept the charges and pay the tickets and court fees but not have any points put on my record. If I was let’s say accused of going double the limit and my license was on the line, then it would be wise to hire an attorney, for $800.

I remember trying to fight a ticket when I was younger and the judge was cherry picking my words and used them to flip on me and said if I hadn’t said these things, I might of convinced her enough to get it dismissed. When I added my past experience to what the attorney was saying, it is very difficult to fight these dumb tickets. Then again, would it be possible to ask for certain evidence from the cop to help pursue my side? Maybe, but even if it was possible, I dont know if that would still be enough as every judge is different and I could have one that says the cop doesn’t need to present the court what I requested…

And again, I have a clean record, still do as I use my bike less on the street because of the paranoia of being picked off. How many times have I been pulled over for going with the flow of traffic in my car or truck? Zero. Some of my past friends who drive Buick old people cars, or Chevy suburban suv, drive a shit ton faster than I do on my sport bike. And they brag that because they aren’t driving a Sports car, visually, they blend in with everyone else and can get away with it. Yet, majority of my other friends have gotten hassled and all they were doing was keeping up with the pace of everyone else, but because they have nice vehicle, the cops assume things, “oh, at one point they were speeding and wasn’t aware of it” “oh, they have a expensive toy, so they can handle the cost of the ticket” And again, most of these people, to some degree, respects the rules and if we want to speed, we’d be at our local racing/track organization. So thats just how shit is, you just accept the annual nice ride tax, and hope you get lucky enough it doesn’t happen of ton or else you’d have the $800 attorney working for you.


When people say they can’t take the day off, they mean they can’t AFFORD to take the day off. You’re right in saying that no one can stop you from taking the day off…but unless you’re entitled to off days then you’re going unpaid for that day or days that you decided to go to court to fight the ticket that probably saves you less than you’re losing by not going to work. The only court appearance that’s protected is jury duty and even then I don’t think you’re guaranteed to get paid by your employer.


You most def ain’t guaranteed to get paid in every state.

It’s honestly bullshit. If you want me to fulfill my civic duty, get me fucking paid for missing work.


The irony of the people posting in the thread posting more insightful comments than the person who started it(to get asked questions!).

I see firsthand that they hire cops with low IQ now though.


Do blue lives matter more than black ones? If so, why?


I always thought there would be less problems involving shitty police officers if they paid them better, but required higher education.


What do you feel about baseline legalization of all drugs?

Would the deletion of a criminal market help reduce crime and police resource expenditure or decrease safety due to the streets being awash with readily available substances?

How do you feel about sanctuary cities?


All my questions are legit and this guy is just ignoring them.

I feel this is indicative to the blase attitude of all uniformed officers.

He might feel like they are trolling, but they are legitimate gripes that officers don’t want to confront nor want others to do on their behalf.

Remember when cops were civil servants and didn’t try to stand as an independent body?