Ask Dr. Sub-Zero Show with Sanchez & Amir

Hey people

I hope its alright for me to post this here. I’d figure this is the best way to get people’s attention.

Just giving everyone a heads up that Rockefeller and I will be recording a new podcast this weekend with our special guest(s) Sanchez & Amir (maybe?)

Amir is out of town at this time but we might be able to have him call in on skype during the podcast.

The Third Strike Online Exhibiton at Evo2k11 was a pretty hot topic. There were a lot of people that thought it was good, bad & ugly so we thought it would be fair to have these guys come on and clear any confusion, questions or comments you have for them.

So please send your questions, comments, naked pics of your ex girlfriend, sister or mom to or post it here. (Not the naked pics cuz that’s wrong. Email those)

If you haven’t heard of us yet, then thank god you haven’t been tainted by our dreadful podcast. If your curious then here’s our last episode:
[NSFW] Video Download - (132.79 MB)
Mp3 Download - (85.79MB)


Since Amir is in, I hope my question (involving nachos and shizz) gets on the show.

Derp I forgot about the new youtube channel with the latest podcast episode

Excellent! The trek of one John Dangerous continues. I’ve sent in a question, and I eagerly await the show. Keep up the somewhat good work!

skittle green urien.

Excellent, Can’t wait for the next Podcast!