Ask Fanatiq! Season 2

Hey guys just letting you know we’re about to kick off new season 2 episodes of Ask Fanatiq! soon.


If you have any questions for Fanatiq, post them here and we’ll try to read them in future episodes :slight_smile:

fanatiq y dont u like magnetic blast?

Why is Dr Strange so underated?

Do you believe in the potential for more players and teams to be able to surpass Morri/Doom in the future? Is it really that good or do we need to delve more into dealing with it?

Did you ever try to recieve sponsorship Nantucket Blend Trailmix?

[S]Do you (or any other players you may have had a discussion with ) feel that Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 needs a character rebalance, or an overall patch to the game? And why so?[/S]

How do I increase my P.E.P?

Besides MSS and Knives’ team, have you tried out any other team that you feel can get you some Ws in a tournament setting?

how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop?

Kind of hard to explain.

Do you think
???/Doom vergil

Will eventually be every competitive players team? I do and its making me feel discouraged about this game.
I play zero doom strider

Is Nemesis viable at all? Ever?

who’s more fraudulent infraud or dios fraud?

He’s viable against other melee based characters, but anybody that does heavy projectiles + assist = nearly unviable.

Shuma Gorath?

Why does SRK hate pad players?

Why does magnetic blast suck? Why does Nemesis beat Magneto?

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In my experience, I have found that people who are upper echelon in one area often find themselves excelling in all aspects and endeavors that they pursue. Basically what i’m saying is, if you’re exceptionally good at one thing, you’re pretty good at a lot of things. That said, with your musical talent and affinity for fighting games ( and exceptional salesmanship skills - PS Use promocode AGEFanatiq at for 15% off ), why do you think your success has not transferred into League of Legends nearly as much?

Do you plan to main Injustice?

I play a team that is more or less all support characters (Trish / Rocket Raccoon / Ammy). I love the team and everything I’ve done with it, but I feel that the team’s lack of raw damage holds it back.

My question is; Do you think that teams made up of support characters can ever be successful? Do you think there is a limit to how many support characters can be on a team? And finally, do you feel that a support character on point is viable?

Thank you so much!

  • Hitzel.

What is the AGE promo code?

What top players do you feel aren’t deserving of that title. Those people that are CALLED top players but you can tell that its moreso the team or lucky brackets that propel them to success?

Your top 5 list of realest niggas in the FGC?