Ask Fanatiq !

Hey guys!

I’ll be working on a new show with MvC3 player Fanatiq called, "Ask Fanatiq!"
He’ll answer any questions you have for MvC3 and anything else your curious about.

So ask him anything!
send in your questions to:

Add Fanatiq on facebook & Twitter !!/MrFanatiq

Fanatiq vs HonzoGonzo threads… FIGHT!

When is this show going to be aired/posted?

I like this thread.

I’d like for it to be a weekly show, but for now we’re just waiting on how many questions we can get to fill in our first episode

@Fanatiq: What are your tips for pad users in MVC3?

Don’t use a pad :rofl:

Jk jk. Fanatiq is my hero. Well… Except when he gets salty at losing.

Fanatiq, why is your forums avatar so cute?

hey fanatiq… what are your impressions about the new mag or storm…how do u think mags new gravity move and storms wind controlling move are gonna affect your overall gameplay with them

My bad if this was mentioned already by him somewhere but;

  1. Who are you excited about the most in UMVC3? And so the lead on question to that, ‘‘are you sticking with your main team or are you looking into some new characters to play with?’’

(Speculation fighter I know but…) 2. Who do you think looks/will be the scariest character to deal with in UMVC3 so far? a.k.a who looks like the new DP/Wolvie (Or/and '‘Who are you personally most afraid of’")

How many hours a week do you usually spend in training mode, coming up with all the MSS tech you have showcased in tournaments so far? (it’s a lot, AND IT NEVER STOP COMING).

To fanatiq

I have been wanting to learn and use storm for a long time now but every time I try to use her i cant find ways to open up my opponent. My questions are, how can you open people up with your storm so easily and when you do, what are a few examples of combo’s for a beginner storm player besides magic series magic series into super

What’s your hardest matchup?

Fortunately for me, I’ve dropped pad long ago. :slight_smile: I was just being a voice for those who do play on pad.

Me with storm or fanatiq

hey fanatiq are you intrested in any of the new characters?

> Send your questions to
> People are still posting their questions in this thread.

My bad. lol

lol…posting questions on this thread is fine too :smiley:
I also work on the ‘Ask Dr.Sub-Zero’ podcast so I’m used to asking people to email questions.

Do you play online at all?
How do you train for specific matchups?
What do you do to get the most out of training mode?