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ask me any questions you like except story line…in which case refer to udon the fag-factory.
anything related to 3s tactics and/or tricks and/or combo tips are welcome!

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name 2 ways to combo into or from ken’s taunt.

i did mean useful questions…but anyway
kens tuant can cancel most regulars…if deep enough i believe u can do xx taunt and it will connect.
or u can do a deep jump in with fp or fk or w/e and do taunt right away for 3 hits.
i havent tried to combo starting from his taunt tho…hmm.

How many kara-srks can you succesfully hit after another?

I thought that Ken’s taunt never comboed into each other… like, the most you’ll ever get is one hit off of it, because the other person can block before the second slap hits?

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the 2 hits connect only after KO yes.
and only 1 time after can u kara an uppercut
so 1 uppercut, then 1 karad uppercut and thats it
personally, im at about 65-70% right now

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what are some good knockdown mix ups?

So kara-srk, kara-srk, kara-srk is impossible?

u mean after uve knocked down?
u have many options:
his target combo is a major stuffer ( -> s.hp) and it cancels most other normal moves. however use it sparingly especially against more seasoned players because they will see u abusing it and parry and punish.’s are VERY useful. 1) they can cancel into super, with heavy damage ( xx super) 2) after 2’s u can see if ur opponent blocked and therefore use super or not accordingly 3) they are hard to counter because they have really quick recovery.
a very cheap and quick way to do damage is walk throw (doesnt matter if the hits or gets blocked). against a lot of players this works because their reflexes are not fast enough.

some very nice mind games involve very precise timing: while ur opponent is recovering from fall u do something like s.fp which whiffs…then u immediately dash back. ur opponent is fooled (more often then not) and will attempt to grab. however by then u are out of range and u can do a quick xx super

overhead is VERY powerful. when done at the right range (you have to find this urself) it is 1) nearly impossible to counter 2) it can be comboed into super. if u do it at the right distance, u can do j.dp for 2 hits, or kara a second uppercut for massive damage.
also for supers: the good thing about overhead is…when u do overhead and then motion for super, if u drum the 3 kicks…the super will only come out if the overhead connects/sometimes if parried. otherwise, if they block, the animation takes to long and the super never comes out. this i find really useful.

finally u have distance games. ifu stay within dash distance…u can dash when they recover for an easy throw. or if they are expecting this, do quick dash into uppercut or some other powerful move. it all depends on the current situation.

if u mix up’s with the target combo/overhead combos and add some distance and throw games…your ken will be very feared.

yes its impossible. one way to know by certain is by the game engine:
after the second uppercut, the “2 hit combo” text on the side comes out.
this comes only after all juggling possibilities are exhausted. its a good way to know how much u can juggle.

after u do sa3 (and it fully connects with opponent), after the last kick in the air, it will tell u how many hits ur combo was. this means that any more hits are no longer possible no matter how hard u try.

but forexample chunli’s sa2…after the last kick, u can jump and punch them a couple more times cuz the combo text hasnt come out yet.

Afaik, it means the combo counter is reset: for example with dudly, c.HK, hcf+LK,LK,link into super can connect and you’ll be pulling off two combos…

thats what i was expecting u to say…
but after the second uppercut, he gets the invisible barrier around him. u can test this by doing an sa3 right after the kara uppercut. there will be a barrier between u and him

also im trying to figure out what u meant with dudley
after the hcf lk lk…what do u mean by link? u mean cancel the lk uppercut into super? in which case thats not a reset.

link the uppercut into super…

ok 1) thats a cancel and 2) how is that two combos? the is the juggle starter…u do to juggle opponent then u do the ducking 2 hit uppercut and cancel into super…thats 1 combo.
a dudley reset would be if the opponent jumps in…and u do…it resets the other guy and makes him bump back. then u can do dash super and it would hit them.

two clueless people arguing, this is fun to watch

and one way to “combo” from the taunt would be stunning someone with the stun and then hitting them. can you figure out the other way?

  1. that’s not a cancel
  2. if you link… you indeed get the combo counter as you say, and then when you aim correctly you get a new 5 hit combo.

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o btw? i did say useful questions. i dont find it particularly useful to sit and think how i can combo a taunt rofl…

This place is becoming gamefaqs…

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