Ask me anything about Ken!

So I’m re-creating a near decade old thread regarding ken…
There’s a lot of 3s activity now that it’s online, and I can’t help but notice the endless scrubs I face (see: Killacam), so if you have any questions, feel free to post.

Is a scumbag elena giving you trouble (see: DG)? Are you being outpoked? Outlinked? Then I might be able to help you.

Ask away!

How does one properly kara uppercut? I can’t for the life of me do it on a consistent basis. Can I play Ken like I would in SFIV and just mash DP all day, during poke strings, while in the air and ground and while I’m getting hit?

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Great question!

The answer is 3s requires proper execution (see: no shortcuts), and good understanding of the game. While block and poke “strings” exist, they are in reality/high level play a very predictable and punishable concept and way of play.

Kara DP is somewhat difficult (in my opinion a lot harder if not impossible) on the 360 iteration of the game.
However if you’d like to try it, there are 2 ways:
forward -> down -> down forward + hk -> forward+jab punch (i think this has more success)
forward -> down -> down forward + mk -> forward+jab punch (i think this has less success)

Keep experimenting YellowS4! You’ll get better in no time.

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