Ask me something (about Battle Fantasia)

this game might seem realllly shallow at first glance, but there’s actually a lot of hidden depth. awesome game, everybody should try it!

anyway, ask me stuff

WOW this came out of nowhere.

Since it’s here though.

Can anyone fight Watson well now?

One thing I wanted to mention is try not to parry a lot of Ashley’s crap since he can beat out the majority of parry counter attempts easy.

the only character that has a annoying time against watson is freed… and maybe olivia. and thats only when watson is level 2 or higher. even still, they’ll generally win out overall on the damage exchange

watson is almost definitely the worst character in the game

if you regular parry ashleys stuff (not bounce parry) you still get guaranteed hits. but, parrying against ashley is still not recommended since he’s got so many good options to counter it (vary the timing on jump 2C, command grab, verifiable 5C (high parry) into 236A, verifiable 5B (low parry) into 236A, etc)

I was talking about mainly trying to fwd + Gachi or dwn/fwd + Gachi his normals.

yea, you cant bounce parry a lot of moves in this game: multi hitting moves, cedric 4B, single jabs, etc.


Who do you play?

Do you believe its neccesary for a good urs to be able to do 2b,2b into the wall slam?

What is the best follow up combo for olivia off of her command grab?

In your opinion do you really believe cedric is the best? IF so why and why not?

Is odile + darkrod as crap as people say?.. I play her and do pretty well, even found a crazy upper gachi drive combo that uses the basic idea behind the ashley infinite to greatly extend hits.

i almost always play random select

my most effective character is probably cedric, and my favorite character is probably deathbringer

off of olivia’s grab, the best combos i’ve found are simply dash -> 5C -> 623C or 236236P

most of the heat up options off the grab lead to about the same’ish damage, but you do set up for a really strong mixup afterwards if they’re in the corner

imo cedric is unquestionably the best in the game:

  • drop kick combos off of everything: verifiable 2A 2B, 4B step kick (into 2A), gachi drives, normal throws
  • drop kick is completely safe on block. on hit, level 3 drop kick wall bounces for dash 2C, flash kick
  • 4B step kick is massive advantage on block or hit, cannot be gachi drive’d, also is a high parry
  • 4B on block sets up throw (into drop kick) or counter hit 2A 2B (into drop kick)
  • he’s one of only three chars in the game with a real reversal special
  • sonic booms are really good
  • strong at all ranges
  • seemingly no bad matches

i dont think odile is crap, but i dont think shes awesome either. her corner game is amazing, but so is almost everybody else’s in this game. her rank fluctuates a lot with me, but she tends to hover right around the middle of the cast

Umm…okay. I’ll bite.
Is there a tier list for this game?

no, because you can do 2B 2B -> uppercut and super cancel into super if you want

236K is mainly used as a unsafe move punisher / whiff punisher / anti projectile (most, anyway. i don’ think you can go under marco’s)

in heat up mode 236K leads to a lot of damage: 236K -> 214D -> 623C is about 35% damage

against characters that cant punish it well (watson), you can also use it randomly to try to get the counter hit wall bounce (then heat up and do 214D etc)

my tiers:

S class

A class

B class

C class

those characters aren’t in order, btw

arcadia’s tiers are different mostly because the arcade version makes ashley, donvalve and olivia way stronger due to meaty special grabs and ashley infinite. other than that i seem to agree with them on most things

What makes donvalve so good? I haven’t seen a lot off footage of him really.

How balanced is the game? Can Watson beat Cedric?

Watson isn’t that weak and yes, he can.

I’d say the gaps in tiers are pretty small. A couple matchups with characters can be frustrating, but no one rapes anyone else for sure.

I would agree here

What fighters would you most compare it to?

You main as far as balance or gameplay?
Honestly, 3s is different from it but its the most similar I can imagine.
As far as balance, I would say its close to VF4.

What’s odile’s anti air? She seems like a poke + keep away char with her attacks…

How long does Deathbringers powerup last? 1 move, the whole round?

Is watsons corner trap blockable at all? I can’t really do anything once he sets up that bear trap and starts to lock me up in the corner

Which top tier character is a combo monster? (magneto was my favorite in mvc2)

How important is parrying in the game, and what is the basic flow? I pretty much spent most of the day learning that jumping in is usually a bad idea.

Oh, I use Marco, hes so far the character I’m most comfy with.

Odile is a rush down character.
DeathBringers power lasts till he uses a move that benifits from it, or falls down.
I was wondering if that watson thing was unblockable to. Every single time I get hit by it reguardless what direction I block.
Macro is the Ryu Ken of the game. He is easy to get comfy with.