Ask me something (stupid questions only)

in an attempt to keep the other ask me threads from being clogged up while at the same time creating one of the best threads in the history of srk… no, of man. Ask me stupid questions about cvs2 or life, whichever.

To start off, yes pigadoken is the one on the couch touching the naked man’s penis.

Yes, bill wellman’s birthday was on sunday and yes you did miss it

are there any arcades in tracy?

u wanna chiilllll sometime this week before i go back to socal?

Yes we have the FUN FACTORY! and it is located in the west valley mall just seconds away from the food court. They have an ultracade machine for 50 cents a pop for hot SF2 action, and Tekken 5 for the low low price of 75 cents with no left kick on the 2p side (protip: always pick 1st player side at fun factory!)

To answer your second question, yes. Chilling shall commence at sunnyvale golfland tomorrow (tuesday) night. Unfortunately, alcoholic drinks may be happening so you may possibly need your own ride. Call me up tomorrow anyways just in case.


Why is “Flying Nasty Attack” so god damned NASTY?
Also, how do you explain MANIA?

Flying nasty attack is nasty by definition. If it was a cool and collected flying nasty attack, you would simply call it “flying attack” which is no fun at all.

EDIT: the results of the attack are what constitute the nasty

Being a psychology major, i could explain mania in scientific terms and cite some boring old white guys, but I think this definition is much easier to understand.

Mania- May induce flying nasty attack. :xeye:

isnt pizza the best food ever?

So you went to UCR cuz pretty much ANY other city would be better than Tracy, right? Haha…I’m juss playin, I know a few people there and when I visit it sucks hardcore…

At least Pleasanton, home of Dentron, has a gay pizza parlor
Very interesting

Yes it is, it is very versatile and holds a member of each food group. Remember that crazy food pyramid. Well for those of you that need a refresher it went something like this

Now, the basic gist of it was, if something is higher up on the pyramid you eat less of it. This was kinda like the real pyramids and ancient greek diets, because you see, in the top of the pyramids they would store the candy and people wouldn’t want to climb all the way to the top very often and thus, they did not eat much candy. They would eat lots of break cause it was easy to get to, fruits and vegetables a little less so and so on and so on.

So back to the pizza thing. Pizza, when properly sliced, mimicks the shape of the food pyramid, and oddly enough, the bread is where the crust should be. ANYWAYS, so pizza is mostly made of bread and low and behold, you’re supposed to eat the most bread. It’s then covered with a veggie/fruit sauce made of vegetables (mushroom) and fruits (tomato, ha i bet you forgot it was a fruit). On top of that and in less amounts there is Cow stuff (cheese) and also cow itself (pepperoni, and on a techincality, it’s actually probably pig). As far as sweets go… well, nothing in life is perfect, i guess thats why god created cinastix… oh shit, i forgot, soda, the perfect pair to pizza. Well theres your sweet. The only time we fuck up pizza is when we start stuffing crusts and putting thai chickens and cutting it into squares and all that nonsense.

UCR has hella hot womens running around everywhere, I think you were just hanging out with nerds.

Oh sorry my bad, I didn’t make it clear…I was actually talking about the city of Tracy. Although, I haven’t been there in years…I don’t think much has changed, right?

Heck yeah UCR has hot women. I just came back from Cal Beach in Newport and one of the waitresses was from UCR…very nice, very nice

Oh the city of tracy is one cow pie of a good time. Good make out spots littered throughout the city, i’ll give directions if requested, but I’m afraid I can’t accompany anyone.

Do I own you in marvel?!??!

yes but not for free, if at any time you get lazy cable is going to shoot 2 people at the same time :looney:

why are you so good at bluffing?
why am i not at nation’s?

why does this thread own so hard?

i like ur answer to the pizza question.

A good bluff comes from the ability to sell your table image and your hand. Since my starting hand requirements are high and I don’t lose showdowns often, players believe me when I raise. PROTIP: Pay attention to the player you are bluffing at. In our low limit hold’em stakes you’re most likely to run into 3 players, Inexperienced loose calling stations, whom you can never bluff, tight weak players, who you can bluff much to often, and tight aggressive players, who you’ll have to vary your game against.

You are not at nation’s because you refuse to move to norcal… I’m telling you, nation’s makes it worth it. I think I should go tonight. I’ll bring you back some chili.

Well, I personally suspect this thread is on steroids.

And the second part is not in question form but thank you anyways.


shulie will strip for both of us if we kiss… are you down?

shulie naked sounds fantastic… but what happened to just buying her panties? I’ll consider it.

how to do sakura combo please!

who is the master akuma player?


John Choi, he ocv’ed me twice on thursday night with akuma. The other notable master is Bas. But I give John Choi the edge since Bas has never ocv’ed me with akuma.