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ok, this thread was made mainly so people will hopefully stop spamming me with PMs and IMs about inane questions. I am NOT taking cvs2 questions from PMs or msgs anymore.

Ask questions to me here, but first, a bunch of guidelines to follow:

  1. BE SPECIFIC!. This means awesome questions like “teach me iori” (which isn’t a question) or “how do i get good at cvs2” are getting ignored.

  2. Do research first. It’s been said a bazillion times, but use the search function before posting and make sure what you’re asking hasn’t been answered elsewhere.

  3. No “rate my team” questions. These include suggestions on characters, orders, ratios, etc. All I’m gonna say is use who you like and make it work.

  4. Nothing tier-related. All that junk goes in the other thread.

Questions that don’t follow these guidelines or are just plain retarded will be ignored. To show that i didn’t forget or skip the post, i’ll edit it (via my awesome mod powers!) and add a little “ignored” remark to the end of the post. If i’m feeling generous i’ll even say why the post was ignored.

I already have a bad reputation for disappearing from my own threads, and it’ll probably be even worse now that i work 4329847328 hours a week. Here’s a secret to making me stick around for threads longer: ask me stuff that can be answered in a paragraph or less.

good shit! here’s my question…

what’s the BEST position for C-rolento in a team? 1st or 2nd? i know in your old thread you said he’s better second, but i was thinking why he may be better first. and i’m not asking you to rate my team, i’m just wondering about position.

-he runs into more counter character matchups first, such as vega and guile

-since the other character doesn’t have a level 2 or CC yet, you can work the counter hit standing jab game without fear of eating a wakeup/random level 2 or CC

-rolento is a really solid battery anyways, and building a level 1 takes no time in C-groove, so you’d have an AC fast

i know it’s nice to have a level 3 to combo into super instead of patriot circles, which rolento would have in the user position, but i think all of those other benefits outweigh that problem. so why do you think he’s better second instead of first?


dollar money match at fr8? you can pick your business team and everything. then maybe a 3s dollar match?

kcxj come back to my house and play ken

Can you give any tips when vs chun? I use Kyo & Rock most of the time if it helps.

Ignored - not specific enough

Q#1-I play A-Team Ortiz, how useful and when should I activate throw??Alot of times I activale and end up trying to bait a counter attack with RC’s in a GC string, but I don’t ever really get anything done.
Q#2-What are the trip gaurd CC’s I sould be doing, I start all of them with and get it 50% of the time.


I was watching a sai rec vid…

and I clearly see maki canceling her chain into a special…
how does that work? unless its an EX groove.

he’s now evolved to the point where he works pretty much anywhere on a team. there’s still a lot of reasons I think he works best as a user character though:

  1. rolento has a hard time holding onto meter. he’s constantly burning meter with ACs, thus never letting him get to level 3.

  2. one of the easiest ways for rolento to land a cross up is post-AC. that cross up is totally random which way you block it. if rolento didn’t have a full bar before the AC, the best he can do after the cross up is combo into patriot circles. with a full bad, he can combo into level 2 trip wire, which then leads to another crazy set up.

  3. rolento is a lot better than most characters at not getting hit by other user characters’ supers/ccs.

  4. standing forward xx super.


no clue.

activate throw is pretty guaranteed damage most of the time, since trying to tech/counter the throw totally isn’t worth the risk. when the opponent is getting up from the throw, do a meaty RC move, then chain it into normals to keep you initiative going. You can do psuedo genei-jin’ish throw/counter hit mix ups from there.

pretty much every trip guard cc consists of activate, low forward, ground chain into sweep, then start the juggle.

Other than Sagat, who else makes a decent R2 C-Groove character and why? Why in C-Groove versus some other groove?

How does C-Chun-li fight Yamazaki and Vega?

Short of A-Groove, how do you stop a turtling/zoning P-Groove player?

Is Rolento’s level 1 tripwire a good anti-air? If not…WHY DO I KEEP GETTING HIT BY THAT :confused:

I play K-Akuma, Sagat, 2-Cammy, and just had a match up question regarding Akuma…

Akuma pretty much gets eaten alive if I play against a competent Blanka/Sagat. Usually, I rush down most characters as best I can, but against Blanka/Sagat I end up having to play zone more. Any tips to give K-Akuma a fighting chance?

Also, with Cammy, if you cannon drill into them and are blocked, is the frame advantage really enough to where you can just defend any counter attack that would come in? (ignoring throws, of course)

Lets say I have no consistant competition aside from a few people sixty miles away. Is it worth attempting to get better at the game despite having more consistant competition in other games? And if so, what’s the best way to get good without competition?

I’d really like to 2nd the question on ‘Who is a good R2 anchor in C besides Sagat?’ All I ever see is Sagat, Blanka, Cammy, and Yamazaki as popular anchors in C. I use Ryu :rolleyes:, but I’ve been thinking of changing to Bison forever, but then I may as well jump on the A-Groove bandwagon >.<

EDIT: Also I’d just like to throw out the suggestion to bring back the part of the ‘Character Specific’ forums that listed like the 10 most recent posts in any of the character threads. I realise this was taken down due to there being a bug where it just displayed stickies, was just wondering if you guys were able to fix it or anything? 'Cuase that really made it easier to see what topics were ‘hot’.

I got a few questions.

What was one of the first scrub patterns you had to talk yourself out of doing? We’ve all fallen into dumb habits, and I was wondering what you did before you got so good.

Who would you hate losing to most: fobby AzN guy or a trash-talking black guy? Lets say both are scrubs and got lucky or something.

I hate losing to my self cause I see my mistakes and dont correct them. :tdown: Beat the scrub out of your self first then worry about other people.

Few quesions.

Can Maki cancel a st jab and do her KKK move to avoid super? A Blanka player did Blanka’s charge bfbf punch super as I did st jab. During the super flash I hit KKK and the super went right by me.

Whats the best option against a K groover with no DP move?


This is a more general question. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what you need to know in order to excel in CVS2 (and other SF games). It seems like there are maybe 4-5 key things to master for most characters, but the rest just slip away into some fucked up category (prolly called random/semi-useful knowledge). The question is, is it even worth the time, effort, and personal satisfaction to try and complete a character anymore? Even if you know let’s say Kyo in and out, chances are a good (not great) Sagat will still put up one helluva fight just with the basics (zoning with the fierces, c. forward, short, knowing THE combo, etc.). The theory I’ve been applying lately is having a sort of depth analysis for each character. You have the top-most layer which contains all the essentials, and as you keep going down, it gets more and more specific. Stuff that you would use in really weird circumstances. Anyway, how do you break down your character when you learn him/her?

Why does your Iori rape me horribly? lol, Don’t even respond to this this.

~6 hit maki combo ending with sweep. what is it? what are the buttons for this? and tips on doing the combo? ty.

can /how do u puinish Sagat’s level 2/3 hot foot super… with Chun li, and Sagat?

I know C ken can lp dragon punch…

U talked about it before but I cant find it…? meh

you kara-ed the s.jab into her special. i’ve gotten c.fierce to kara into her KKK move after CC activation. this is really useful against A-sak, since can throw out normals more carelessly when she’s at full bar. however i don’t know how long the frame for kara-ing last, so don’t rely on it. anyways, just mash the kicks when super flashes or CC activates if you see yourself doing a normal during the ‘freeze’…never hurts to try if it looks like your going to eat it anyways.

i wonder if buktooth is really going to answer all these questions. :confused: