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Is it just me, or are link combos inconsistent? I’m trying to practice rock’s 2lk 5hp link and it feels like the timing is all over the place



If I remember 2lk 5hp is a 1 frame link with Rock in CVS2. Since the game has frame skip to speed it up it drops frames, it drops 1 frame at random every 5 frames is I believe how it works. So basically if the frame you have to do the link gets dropped you don’t get to do the link. This at least was the old school explanation for it, I believe it to be true though.


2lk is +6 and 5hp starts up in 4 frames so it’s supposed to be a 3 frame link. Thats what the cvs2 bible says at least


Actually the way the system reads it thats 2 frames then. 4 frames Startup in CVS2 bible means hits on 5th frame. Also that seems wrong but its been awhile and the frame skip thing does still apply.


Like I said I’m just quoting the cvs2 bible. So I’m guessing that a link combo would have to be 4 or 5 frames to be consistent


I could do 2 frame links consistently, bison cr.lpx2 and a few other ones.


2 Frame combos were pretty frequent in this game. Chun cr.lp to and sagat x 2 are the ones that come to mind first.


What’s the best way to practice RC nowadays without PS2 or DC?

PS3 or is the Dreamcast emulator any good?


The PS3 version should be fine to learn the timing for the button presses. But to test RCing through stuff on reaction, the DC emu would be your best bet if your PC is strong enough.


Basically the same as the last question with a twist, I have easy access to CvS 2 on ps2 or ps3 but I don’t have room for a CRT atm. My screen is a uhd samsung so I’m wondering which setup would be preferable: a ps2 on a modern tv or the ps3 version of CvS 2.

I do intend on getting a better setup in the future whether its on pc or a nice CRT setup, but for now the Samsung 55" is what I have available.


if you ever have the option, go PS2.


Late, but PS2 with the HDMI adaptor Bas found is better than the PS3 version:

The hard part is having 2 decent ps2 sticks, these days.


Came to this forum with the intent to troll but OMG, you are a life saver. If this thing really has no lag and doesn’t make the graphics look like dog shit, I’m gonna reboot my ps2 collection and play all those ps2 games i missed out. and also a lot of cvs2.


Sup man, yeah, we’ve been pretty happy using that adapter. While I haven’t seen anybody post lag data, nobody’s complained that I know of. We even used it for the 2017 evo side tournament.

The one weird quirk is that it doesn’t work with streaming equipment, for whatever reason.


just gotta bust out the good ole camcorder, which is very fitting for an old game like cvs2.

but i’m glad the adapter is working. i’ve been trying to find a legit way to play cvs2 for a while.


The brook ps3/ps4 to ps2 adapter works great. I still have a HRAP2 but would rather use my fighting edge.



Is there a general consensus for K-Groove vs A-Groove or something along those lines? I know there are a bunch of MU’s to consider and many other factors (play style, tiers, normals, scenarios, etc).

But, I heard this notion where K-Groove can “compete” against other types of grooves. This may be just a myth of sort but I would like to know what is the general thought process behind this.


not only can K-Groove can compete against other types of grooves, it destroys them. You get a 35% offensive boost at least two times a match while your opponent barely built their 2 bars using other grooves.

A-groove is its Achilles heel. Especially Sakura and to a lesser degree Vega.