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N-Blanka is like SRKs N/C-Vice. Everyone’s favorite character on paper. K-Blanka has proven to be the better character as no one really uses N-Blanka.


Silly off the wall question:

While randomly looking at a screenshot in my Steam Library, I saw the SP, GD, and PR in the middle section of the HUD. I never knew what those where about? Anyone know?




In the HUD above the timer and arcade score. There’s a set of letters in Hexagon’s. I never knew what they were for. It’s probably something silly relating to arcade mode. XP


character/groove usage in a game like cvs2 (where everybody picks at least 2 top tiers) isn’t really indicative of potential. you see 100x more K cammy players than P cammy, and yet P cammy is pretty clearly better

K is a much more popular groove than P
it’s also a much more popular groove than N
japanese blanka play >>>>>> american blanka play, nobody in america even comes close (anecdotal stories here don’t mean much unless you played extensively in japan between 2004-2007)

the n-blanka thing has been argued to death already, but for future discussions remember that popularity != relative strength

also, when did N/C vice become the topic of any conversation? especially C


So whats your take, @Buktooth : Is N Blanka better than K AAAAAND C?


Notable Japanese C Kim players?


The best one right now is Taochan(At least the ONLY one I see in recent vids) . Ryu/Kim/Sagat


There was a player named “Yuu” who used Kim + Rugal. I remember him being pretty solid, you can look for him too.


I forgot to ask if he would work as a battery for a groove?

being as the other two slots would be blanka and sak, should be fine ?


a-kim is decent/pretty good.

and yes, he would be a great battery for blanka and sakura.


i think n-blanka is for sure better than c-blanka; it’s not even close. the choice between n- and k-blanka (and a-blanka) i think falls into preferences:

  • ability to not die to assorted guard crush CCs, how important is that to you?
  • RC elec and RC ball? important?
  • how important is guard breaking to your strategy?
  • safe, invincible level 1 supers?
  • normal jump JDs?
  • how good are you at hitting blanka supers within a time limit?
  • is your preferred style offense, defense, or something in between?

personally i think the combination of run, low jump, and roll cancels creates something really special in n-blanka. combined with counter roll solving for one of his biggest weaknesses, i think n-blanka edges the other versions out. all versions of blanka are good though, so it mainly just comes down to player/groove/team preferences

best offensive blankas: N, K
best defensive blankas: C, A, N


nigga what?!

lol, jk buk. Good to see what you think about the subject, but IMO, in top level CvS2, defense + stored meter + RC > *


in general, maybe. doesn’t apply to every character though; for example: cammy and blanka


I disagree. If you look at the best players and the way they play, it isn’t defensive. Bas isn’t a defensive player. Choi wasn’t a defensive player. Uma isn’t a defensive player.

K-Groove is way too good to say that stored meter and RC are the end-all, be-all. Many top players say (and I agree) that K-groove is better than C-groove hands down. Some go further and say K is the best groove period.

EDIT: We talked about this a few years back. Gunter had some really good posts like this:


A sak bad matchups?
N chun bad matchups?

I guess taking RC into account as well


I just noticed that with at least high/top level Japanese CVS2 players, I don’t think any of them are KOF players while some CVS2 players branched in from previous SF games or branched out into SF. I feel lonely. I know I have seen M’, high level 98um and 02um player, play 3s and played Ken and did decently and played 3s as 3s. Then there is Umezono who, as I recall, is a decent 3s player and also was an SNK developer. I think the closest I can think of is Tokido who’s handle is derived from the time he played KOF back in the day, but he also plays everything in general.


RF was a decent KOF player before changing to GG, and also played a lot of CvS2. Mago also was pretty decent at KOF, and Poongko also played CvS2.


a-sak: honda, vega. they aren’t really a bad matchup, but they keep her honest.

n-chun: vega, sakura


I totally agree with you on the POTENTIAL aspect, but in reality you don’t see too much N-Blanka. Way more A/K/C. On paper N-Blanka is amazing, sort of how Vice is really good on paper as well (there was convo about her in this thread a few yrs ago).