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n-vice was what won me my match to get into top 8 at the final cvs2 evo (specifically to counter a-blanka and bison, vs kindevu)

she also won me the 2012 evo cvs2 side tourney (vs HAK and kindevu’s a-groove teams again), and i’ve gotten really far with her in a number of japanese tourneys

you don’t see n-blanka because you don’t see n-groove in the match videos you watch. again, popularity or visibility != relative strength

pick a character/groove combo (not S) in the game: chances are i’ve seen somebody play that character at an impressive level, or have done it myself (maybe not the “impressive level” part)


Cammy is a bad match for Sakura. Buktooth made a good post in this thread about it, try searching around for it.


What are Vice’s main RC tools? I think the main one is RC qcb+P but I can’t do RC hcf+K and I don’t know if the latter is that important if you could already see something start up then shoulder ram into it. The issue with me is that her hcf+P command throw is actually 4123 instead of 41236 so if I try to press LP+LK at the 3/df., I get a whiffed command throw instead of a roll to karacancel on the 6/f. for hcf+K. And my hands are too stupid for 412+LP+LK 36+K. I think it may a good tool to RC since it’s more or less safe on block as far as I know, but I simply can’t do it and I’m just hoping it’s something that I can omit. I was hoping I can get by with RC qcb+P, RC qcb+K, and RC 4123+P.

Which is another thing, I can’t consistently RC hcbf. movements and I know that would be very useful for Iori if I had that down and I have no clue how to buffer RC for that due to all the other overlapping motions and my shitty hands.


you only need to rc the shoulder and hcf grab, but both are essential

hcb,f grabs are essentially impossible to rc. every character that has one has a conflicting qcb or hcb move


Thanks, I really appreciate it Buktooth


i would not say its a bad match seeing how the cammy’s best groove is P/K. (free a-groove chip)

C-cammy can be kept out to a certain degree.

EDIT: wow, i never thought i would post again for this old ass game.


I was reading old posts in this thread recently so it feels just like yesterday for me, haha.


What specifically makes N Vice a counter aside from the obvious punishes?

Only thing I can think of off the top of my head is possibly being able to punish 1 hit scissor??
Relatively safe poking with whip, RC shoulder through pokes?


I was trying to youtube search for videos of those matches and found nothing. Would have loved to see Buktooth take out Kindevu and HAK with N-Vice.


I just want to say I’m very happy that people are posting again. This is good shit.


Is that dude Lionx still around on SRK? What about HAV?

I remember they were riding CvS2 pretty heavy when they were around.


A Yama players besides Gunter?


Last time I heard from LionX he was about to graduate so he probably has it by now. I’d assume he’s either looking for a job or already has one which would take up most of his time.


What are the A Groove Vice combos? Right now all I can think of up in training mode is mid-screen sweep into MP tackles until corner then st.LP > TK air qcb+K loops until drop out. Also it feels kinda bad not ending in super but if I recall can’t Zangief do some OTG command throws in CVS2 in A-Groove kinda like V-ism in A3? Does that apply to Vice if it exists?

Edit: Never mind, I found this within a few seconds of searching. Shame on me for not researching more before asking:


Gunter’s nifty site with all the a-groove combos is down now, but you can still find all the videos on his youtube.

He usually has separate vids for ground ccs, anti-air ccs, and misc ccs (for guard crush ones and other situational stuff).

LionX still posts Japanese match vids on youtube. He hasn’t been as active in the scene lately though because of Real Life ™.


Shiro was THE Yamazaki player in thy old days. Dont remember anymore, atm.

@Laban ; Gunter has CC´s for every character in his page


Thanks guys for the CC channel. Actually for CVS2 match footage I just keep checking the CVS2 tag on Nico and watch it fresh there: カプエス2

I just have Google IME and type in “kapuesu” 2 in katakana.

How does the A-Groove Activation into OTG Command throws work? I can’t seem to get it.


Only Rolento and Dan (due to a Glitch) can be OTG´d while on CC mode. Also some top tier characters (Guile, Chun, Cammy, dont remember more) can be juggled lower to the ground.


I was wondering the same thing in the Ongoing Tier thread a few weeks ago in terms of how does vice counter A-blanka and A-bison. Here’s what I came up with…

for vice vs blanka

-RC grab his meaty wake-up electricity (which really takes away easy-mode blanka for lots of players)
-shoulder blocked blanka balls, RC shoulder jumps ins (or just use low fierce or standing RH depending on range)
-low jump fierce when in range
-lots of standing strongs? i think the ground game would be tough, but the range where blanka would low RH sweep would be her low jump fierce range.

for vice vs bison

-lots of standing strongs
-punish a blocked PC hard with shoulder to whip to mixup oki
-punish the devil’s reverse with RC shoulder (and headstomp after you block the initial hit IF they don’t fly away with the glitch)
-low fierce/standing RH/RC shoulder his jump-ins

Care to drop some knowledge, Buktooth?


I was curious about a couple of things but I don’t have a PS2 stick anymore. It died on me about a year or so ago. :frowning: