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sorry, not enough time for long forum posts anymore. being honest with myself, i’m only likely to answer anything that can be answered in 1-4 sentences or bullet points


Where´s your 4 sentences for his 2 questions, @Buktooth ?


it cant be answered in 1-4 sentences


What is a good groove for my troll team? Chang, Todoh, Dan.


A-Groove would be best IMO. A-Todo is better than any other character/groove combination of those three, and A is Dan’s best groove too (per Buktooth). A-Chang is probably ass, but in theory he can make use of RC, and his zoning game is probably good for battery.


i’m sure if you look around this thread and the tier thread, you can find some useful info with the vice matchups.

off the top of my head, crouching hp stops almost all of bison/blanka’s jump ins. in the range where c.hp whiffs, rc tackle works.


dan: run away with air dan kicks, then antiair cc for big damage (or save it)
todo: use the meter to nuke their meter-user
chang: defensive anchor that can land cc a few different ways


when doing small jump short>roundhouse legs, should I be RC’ing those legs?


Nah, just do the regular ones. No reason to RC those.


Geadom is right, do regular legs, since (if you timed the jump-in properly) they are in blockstun/hitstun anyway from the low jump and you are trying to cancel the recovery from the low jump. RC legs wouldn’t cancel the recovery frames from the low jump (only specials and supers can cancel those frames, not rolls), so you’d be leaving yourself more open to punishment in theory if you try to RC legs after a blocked low jump.


you cant cancel low jump recovery into a roll

also, low jump short -> rh legs is a block combo. no need to rc


s or k groove is usually good for trolling

yolo super 4 life :rofl:


I can’t seem to do throw off of Demon Flip at all. I was only able to do it once I presume it worked because it was a standing Sagat so his hurt box is huge. Is there a particular thing to look out for, glitchy button combination, or anything to make it easier? It’s just bugging me that I’m inconsistent with it.


I do play EX groove in 98. Too bad, Chang can’t spam his 2363214+P super like he can in 98 lol.
K Groove is nice damage buff though.


its not you, its the game. its like not sf4 where you have HUGE “general area” hurt box for demon flip grab.


Grabs in this game need to connect to the push box not a hurt box and throw boxes are pretty small.


Pushbox as in like a collision box?


Push box is the box that makes it where you can’t walk through jump through characters. And helps make ambiguous cross ups.


Alright, I just known it as a collision box. Well that’s pretty nuts in regards to throw range I’ll mess around some more then.


It’s not uncommon Guilty Gear does the same thing. A3 and Vsav throwable boxes are the same size as the push box.

I call it push as the editors call it osi or oshi depending how much room is available.