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out of these chars, who is the easiest to be aggressive with:




Buranka has the best Okizeme in the game, lol.


In order


Okay, to ask a more focused question, what are the keys to the ground game with vice vs blanka or what would you focus on? Here’s what I wrote before:

-lots of standing strongs? i think the ground game would be tough, but the range where blanka would low RH sweep would be her low jump fierce range.

Also, I know vice can stuff blanka’s slide with rapid fire crouching shorts, but that really isn’t something to hang your hat on and focus on.



I only own a 360 and a PC. Is there any way I can play this game without a lot of input lag?


NullDC can run it.


A lot depends on groove selection to answer this question. In general, Hibiki’s offense is better than the other characters listed, though K Buranka is pretty damn good too. Yama and Claw tend to be a bit less offensive - it’s hard for Yama to apply pressure in the neutral game (especially against top-tier characters), and Vega can land hits well, but it’s hard to capitalize on those hits for good damage (i.e., low reward for offensive play). Yuri has the same problem as Vega, though she arguably has better offensive tools depending on the groove. Yuri is a lot worse than the other four characters listed.

No, he doesn’t. Blanka has a very good oki game, but not the best, in a game with tools like RC command grab, ambiguous roll crossups, Morrigan’s insane run mixups, etc. Buktooth made a post about best oki games a while back that says it best:


oh, didnt remember that post, thanks for the info.

Gonna start practicing that C-Yun tech, so i can beat… no fucking body, no one plays this dead shit : /


Do I have to buy anything? Like a Dreamcast copy of CvS2 or something?


Nope, download the ISO, download the emulator+DC Bios, and PRESTO! CvS2 right there buddy.

Google is your friend, as always


Is there a secret to getting nullDC to play OK? It’s always seemed… off/laggy, etc.


I honestly don’t know. I was lucky. The site my friend linked me to had it all set up when I downloaded the file. Had the iso and everything. Just had to config my stick. Sadly the site is no more. =/


So is there a renewed interest in this game now??? I’ve been watching the sta tournaments (leezy 4 president) / and lionx’s you tube channel. I think the CVS2 forums could possibly take over srk if any tourney streams it .


^ no it can’t. been dead and buried. just play with whoever you can actually find.

speaking of yun, I am gonna try to play him in kgroove. since EVERYONE is good in kgroove anyway lol…


We’re still playing in NorCal, every month there’s been a local tourney at San Mateo Game Center that has been streamed. Look up norcal dogfight, and you will see it. Not too high level, unless Leezy shows up LOL.


To be very realistic, it won’t dominate SRK, BUT, it could definitely pick up again. All depends on we all approach it in terms of streams, playing it on PS3, how many people we can draw.

When I was playing it on a Cab at EVO there were a lot of people that I’ve never seen before at least sit and watch the game for a solid 2 hours and playing casuals. There’s definitely interest out there. It’s all in how we grab it.


The psn version feels slower/laggy, if anybody decides to download it. Random slowdowns on stages, I’m comparing it to my ps2 version.


There’s been posts made about that already. Just play training stage.


Are you just looking for another way to play it? you can always try it on PS2 emu, I’m thinking of ripping my JPN PS2 version again.

Yeah the odd slowdowns are weird, turning off the smoothing does help though.


I’m looking for a practical way to play it. The expat community here doesn’t have enough PS2 sticks to make practicing at home viable for most people. I’ve only seen one Naomi game in China in the last 5 years, so arcade is out too.

Both DC and PS2 emus suck pretty bad based on my experience. Input lag, frame skip, graphic glitches, etc.


If you want to practice at home, why not get the ps3 version? The only reason to mess with the emulators is to try and do online play.