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Input lag/frame skip/buktooth’s review.


Based on my limited experience with the port, under the settings Nick T. described, I agree with this quote.

Other players have had the same experience. Play on training stage for optimal performance/lack of slowdown.


Ok 2 questions.

  1. Is Capcom vs SNK 2 EO played or not?

  2. How often are tournaments for CvSNK2?


1-Nope, EO is just a terrible balanced and inferior version of the game
2- Japan only. There are some tourneys in France, but the game at a tournament level is pretty much dead everywhere else.


Can anyone type out the lyrics to this stage music?


I have a question mr. buck. why r u so bad at cvs2? Ha


Im having a problem doing shoryukens or cannon spikes, basically any move that involves that input. I have a hori tekken 5 arcade stick thats 8 way axis.


Will you join the cvs2 facebook community page? :slight_smile:


Scrub questions:

Who else fits on an A groove team with Dictator on 3rd? I don’t like the other charge characters or Sakura. Thinking of Sagat and a decent SNK character (Geese, Rock, maybe Terry).

Having trouble landing his Psycho Crusher Super after the SRK Punch spam when activated, I can however land the Scissor Kick super no problem.


Aren’t you only allowed Lv.1 Supers in A-Groove though? If I recall, Mega Psycho Crusher is a Lv.3/MAX Super.


Nephinel is right, only lvl 1 supers in A, Bison PC super is lvl 3-only.


D’oh. Whelp, glad I prefaced that by saying it’s a scrub question.


rolento, geese, hibiki, iori, kyo, kim, chun. they all work well.

edit: also todo. cant go wrong with sagat, hes good in any groove even if a-groove isnt his best groove.


All right, going to ask another (probably) scrub question. I was looking up high level Dictator gameplay on YT and came across this:

At first I thought it was the other way around and Combofiend was rocking top tier but it honestly blew my mind to see Daigo using top tier in a game. So, I get Combo picking Rock to counter Blanka BS and I get Rolento being good in A groove and having those mixups. But what advantage does Eagle have?


That was Combofiend’s main A-groove team. Wasn’t really picked as a counter to Daigo.

A-groove is Eagle’s best groove. Pretty decent custom combos. Good range on his normals for out-poking opponents. Good quick dash that can hop over knocked down opponents. He’s not a rushdown character. More patient then anything.

In terms of weaknesses, very weak vs Sagat, probably Honda too.


Honestly I feel A and C are tied, they share pretty much the same damage and are placed in the same positions in their respective grooves.

He excels vs Sagat, that is why so many people anchor him, you can whiff punish his pokes so easily and Sagat cant crouch under Eagle’s pokes. His RC’s are good vs Sagat too.


C is probably a close 2nd. I prefer the versatility of A as it gives him an anti-air CC threat vs low jumps (who are probably his greatest weakness).

Lots of people anchor Eagle, but still doesn’t change the matchup vs Sagat.

Sagat with low jump is especially troublesome for Eagle. Whiff punishing is possible, but not especially damaging. If c-Sagat rolls through Eagle’s standing fierce/cr RH, then it’s over. The reward is so much greater for Sagat then Eagle unfortunately.

Generally agreed upon that Eagle loses to Sagat pretty badly.


You’ve enver seen him play much have you


Someone’s butt hurt.


eagle is really good vs blanka. not so much vs sagat.

A groove is his best groove. C groove would be his best if his level 2 super wasn’t punishable on hit.

its been years and i forgot what was the combo exactly. something like c.lp, c.lp, xx level 2. it will push the opponent too far back, make some hits whiff and make eagle punishable on hit. he might be able to cancel the end into a special tho i think.