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You can make the level 2 saf on hit but ending in the Stick rush or Lariat if I remember right.


you have my cvs2 setup. go test it out. this is an order.


Hey, how do you do Bison’s Psycho Banish shit in A Groove? I think I figured it out but I want to be sure. And I checked YT and the SRK wiki and I didn’t find that much regarding this. I know you can do LK Scissor kick and then activate and Jab but I think you can activate and do HP into Scissors then into Banish? It seems to work best after activating, Jab, LK Scissors, HP, and then LP Psycho Banishx900000000 then LK Scissors into Scissor super.


Check out Gunter’s vid.


Just saw this, gonna test now


Yeah Lariat doesn’t work but you can just do LK Stick rush and you’re fine.


Any good Hibiki matches out there?


Look out for OTK, Buktooth and Cross and Rai matches.


Just started getting into this game, picked a hell of a time to learn too. Anyways, what kind of team should I be building if I want to use K Groove. I figured it would be a team that gets a lot of damage off of level 3s right? This might be a stupid question, but I’m having a hard time finding info on this game.


Cammy, Blanka, Sagat. Look for INO and OTK matches.


I still miss cvs2. ONLINE WHERE.


And Nostalgia strikes.
I am sure my skills are beyond rusty but I miss this game.
It owned.


Are you in norcal? We still have monthly tourneys in san carlos.


What say you, forum lurkers? Who’s the best shoto in K-Groove?

My opinion: Akuma (harder to use, but his mobility and meterless damage really stand out) > Ryu > Ken (not having RC funky kick really hurts, he doesn’t have many advantages over the other two without it)


Akuma is good but he has really low HP, so you can’t really rely on building the rage meter and supers, he can be wiped out easily by the 1st or 2nd character.


Evil Ryu :slight_smile:


In K, Akuma’s life disadvantage is diminished because the ability to gain life back via JDs and the damage reduction he gets when raged. He should still get raged twice in a round with competent JDing, so I don’t see how he can’t rely on supers/building meter.

The way I see it, being K groove minimizes some of his weaknesses (lowest life, worst pokes) compared to the other shotos, while highlighting his strengths (best mobility, best meterless damage, most versatile supers).


i personally think ken is the best k groove shoto. he doesnt need RC funny kick, it’s somewhat of a gimick anyhow because it has good priority to begin with and you can mix it in off s. lk which comes out very fast. he has really good guard breaking capabilities with this pokes and block strings (cross up, standing rh, funny kick is insane) which is really important for kgroove, his standing rh is probably the best footies normal out of all three. i will agree his supers are not as versatile.

he’s more diverse in terms of mobility than ryu, not quite as much as akuma, but his defense is way better than akuma’s. and arguably he has the best ground game out of the three.

im outi



I wouldn’t call RC funky kick a gimmick. It’s a safe, dominant mid-range poke that lets him hang with top-tier characters on the ground. It’s his best tool by far.

Without that poke, I think he gets lamed out pretty hard by the top tier characters. In K, all 3 shotos have to either play rushdown or run away - their pokes aren’t good enough for them to come out ahead in the footsie game - and Ken is worst suited for this of the three IMO. Incidentally, I think Ryu’s s.HP is better than any of ken’s normals, including ken’s s.HK (which has good reach, but is slow, and vulnerable to rolls/JDs/jumps).

Guard crush ability is something that’s hard to gauge, but Ryu is not a slouch in that department either, with that s.HP. Akuma may not be quite as strong as those two at crushing guard, but his mixup game is so much trickier than the other two I’d argue that it makes his offense scarier.

One big advantage he does have over Ryu is his dp is faster. Akuma’s is the same speed though.

Ken does have the most ambiguous crossup of the shotos as well. That is good and all, but it’s not like Ryu and Akuma’s crossups aren’t good. And I don’t think the best crossup alone is enough to outweigh the advantages the other two have.

I agree with all of this, but don’t think it’s enough to make Ken better than the other two.

-I wouldn’t say his movement is THAT much better than Ryu. Command roll isn’t very good. Akuma, on the other hand, has teleport, which is a huge advantage.

-How’s his defense that much better than Akuma’s? He has 1600 more life, that’s about 1 fierce, and K minimizes the life disadvantage with the life you get back from JDing and the reduced damage you take when raged. K Akuma has better stamina/survivability than any version of Akuma.


I (try) to play N-Iori/Morrigan/R2 Sagat

Q1. where is buktooth aka where/how has he been
Q1a. how to fight top tier as morrigan (rip gfaqs)
other than going to the character select screen
Q1b. Is there no way to punish tech rolls/safe falls other than fly rh? I know fly rh into demon is pretty hard, I can’t get it at all on reaction.
Q1c. sometimes I get thrown when trying to do fake/crossup fly forward, am I just timing the fly forward too early?

Q2. I want to keep on using morrigan, but I know there will be days where she’s just won’t work. I like claw, does he mesh well with N?

Q3. what’s the matchup between hibiki and sagat? i disliked playing hibiki after the sea of sagats in the back, so that’s why I picked R2 sagat.

Q4. no trick to learning RC’s but grinding it out, right?