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randomly just decided to check this thread today…

q1. i’m doing great. I just concentrate on making videogames now instead of competing
q1a. to fight top tier as morrigan you have to have a very good understanding of the neutral game along with tons of patience. some matchups are pretty horrible (blanka cammy sagat), but if you look for opportunities to land sweeps/dps you can turn the match around
q1b. depending on distance, you can punish tech rolls with: 1) walk up sweep or walk up low fierce into DI 2) dash rh into sweep or DI combo 3) dash rh straight into DI
q1c. you’re timing it too early, or they’re using delayed wakeup. In normal mixup situations, if you think they’re going to delayed wakeup you can instead dash -> immediately hold up to fly upwards. This creates a safe’ish crossup/non crossup mixup that is very ambiguous

q2. you can use claw in N how you would normally use him, just with much better offense (his low jump offense is strong, fastest run in game), and no get-out-jail ccs. There’s other differences that matter (the extra pre-jump frames hurt vega more than other chars, ability to counter roll out of guard crush ccs can’t be discounted), but all 6 vegas are able to play footsies and use low strong to poke, slide to whiff punish, and walk back roundhouse to antiair

q3. hibiki has a slight advantage against sagat. extremely solid antiair even vs his low jumps, more range and walk speed, solid answers to his dominant pokes, able to work his guard bar and safely chip him into making mistakes. don’t get hit by a super and she should win

q4. the trick to learning RCs is to:

  1. go into training mode
  2. turn on input display
  3. attempt to do an RC move
  4. look at the input display to see what went wrong
  5. try to correct that in next attempt
  6. repeat till you are good at RCs

Seriously. When most people practice execution tasks, they literally just do them over and over and expect to get better. People don’t often compare what their hands need to be doing vs what they actually are doing


k-ken imo is the best k-shoto. guard break ability and damage off of guard breaks. also, canceling stuff into jab roll or rdp+short is much better when you can JD 1 frame before you can do anything else

shotos by groove:
c: ken
a: akuma
p: akuma
s: ryu
n: akuma
k: ken


Good to know you’re alive and well. Still working on KI I assume?

What makes Ken’s guard break ability so much better than the other two shotos? I assumed K-Ken gets outpoked just as badly as the other shotos in K groove, having to rely on risky roundhouses, non-RC funky kick, and fireballs. I don’t have the guide handy, are his supers more damaging than the others (to make his damage off guard breaks better)?

I admit, I haven’t seen people cancel into his command roll, A2 style, very effectively in this game. I should probably give that a shot.

I’d think the CAPS shoto rankings are not very controversial. Surprised to see you listing Akuma as best in N-Groove, what’s the logic behind that? With RC in play, I would’ve expected Ken to jump back into the top spot (dominant mid-range character), with Ryu not far behind (lvl 1s are really good for him).

Speaking of Akuma, it reminds me of something I was thinking. A while back you made a tier list of OKI characters:

Shouldn’t SNK-groove Akuma be at least B class? Seems to me his B & B leads right into an oki mixup situation, and I’d say his mixup is trickier than most to deal with.


Hey guys, quick question… Anyone planning on going to the Cal Poly tourny? I’m considering coming up and putting the time into the game again.


CVS2 novice here. I want to build a team around N. Akuma, I read that N groove is his best. I’d like to use N versions of every other character in order to keep it simple. What kind of a team can I make? Characters I’m interested in are: Athena, Rolento, Joe, Vega, Balrog, Terry, and Cammy. Also…

  1. Is it possible to cancel into Joe’s TNT punch on a pad? Is it the same method as Decapre’s piano input in USF4?

  2. Is there any way to play this online? I currently play on a Dreamcast emulator and am relegated to playing against the AI.



If you’re looking for a team to back up Akuma, the easy mode option would be to use some combination of vega, cammy, and Rog. Vega and cammy are auto footies, all 3 have the ability to whiff punish from far if you’re reactions are up to snuff, plus cammy and Rog make great use of super.

If you want to build a “skill” team around Akuma then go for terry and joe. You’ll definitely have up hill battles against the top tier…especially sagat.

  1. You can cancel into hands, you just have to do it fast. Not sure how it’s done in SF4, but it should be the same.

  2. you can use demul to play online. I’ve played it a few times and its “ok” in that you’re playing cvs and it’s better than SF4. Its just that you’ll typically encounter connections between 4-6 frames of delay which is absolutely horrendous for thus type of game, 2 frames of delay is probably the best you can hope for, but even then, it’s noticeable.


Since you are a novice, I strongly recommend not starting with N-Groove (or Akuma for that matter, but you sound pretty convinced on that front). N is a hard groove to start in, and you aren’t doing yourself any favors with those characters, who range from bad to mediocre in N.

Instead, I suggest starting in K Groove. It’s probably Akuma’s second best groove, and most of those characters are better in K than in N. K Cammy is a top-tier, easy character to learn and would be essential. After that, you can pick whoever you play best, though I think Rolento is the best of that lot. However, like Akuma, he’s a difficult character to learn, so you might be better off going with someone easier like Terry or Balrog.


Thanks for the input. I’ve been playing SF a long time, I’m sure I could become decent in N-groove very fast. I tend to struggle a bit with execution-heavy characters, of which none of these characters look to be. I watched some vids of N. Akuma, for example, and can see his plan revolves around frame-trapping with run and cr. jab, cancelling into tatsu, and TK air fireballs.

I’ve actually been thinking of avoiding Rolento, I play him in SFxT and USF4. Don’t want to confuse myself further. Any more input, please feel free!


Warning ; Possible incoming novel. lol

Athena, Rolento, Joe, Vega, Balrog, Terry, and Cammy

Out of those characters along with Akuma, it really comes down to how you want to approach the game in all fairness. Seeing as how you’re a novice, I don’t think Akuma is necessarily a bad choice, but a difficult one. You have to deal with the fact that he has low life, which can be difficult for starting out and learning the game.

I think that for starting out and learning the way the game is played, Cammy would be a good addition to your team. This way, you’ll be able to learn the small jump mechanic as well as ground spacing. She would also be easier to play on pad. She plays pretty much the same across all the grooves fundamentally so she would be a good universal character to learn for now. If you decide to change characters later on, she would be a good backup character.

Athena does gain some decent things in a run groove. Her small jump Rh is good and she can benefit from the stock system in certain situations. For example, if you have her outside of the corner, and you counter roll a laggy limb, or a blocked normal into super, you get a command grab into a combo. She also benefits from having RC command grab on deck during wakeup. By the same right, if she has two stocks and she one broken, you get a free wakeup by doing her orbs super and then canceling as early as possible and this leaves you with enough frames to chain a cr short. She has pretty decent wakeup options. Her problem comes with the mid screen damage. She’s strictly a zoning and corner push character. Zone them out, condition them to be afraid of jumping then push them back to the corner. and go from there.

With Rolento, you do get good offensive and defensive options. As a footsie tool, you do gain run into slide, which is good for punishing things that your regular standing normals might not beat. As a defensive tool, you do gain RC scouter jump to get out of the corner. Definitely handy. The small jump gives you good options and 50/50s. You get some good options off of his throws and patriot circles which can be setup with the run. and all of them involve run stopping(tap toward twice then stop almost right away) then either scouter jump MK, or small jump strong.

Joe gains RC Hands, has good normals for small jump spacing and can do decent damage off BnBs. With the hands, he’s more of a mid range pressure character and can mix that up with RC crack kick(don’t know the name, sorry haha) or just small jump pressure. Not a bad choice but will be a challenge.

Vega in N has great small jump normals that come out really fast. He is pretty easy to play on a pad with not too much difficulty. The small jump does open up his offense a little, but unfortunately, it will be a little harder to land supers with him. In a run groove, because it’s more offense related, unless he has parry or JD to help him with his charges, it will be a bit difficult to land supers with him. There are ways around it though.

Balrog is a good normals character. His st fierce goes the same range as Sagat’s st MK(about half screen). Small jump normals are long and hit hard. Good for poking away at people. Using TAP with him on a pad can be a bit difficult, but I feel like TAP is more of a surprise tool. Not necessarily something you want to throw out because the startup is really slow, but leaves you at +2. Using TAP in conjunction with st fierce is an OK frame trap of sorts and will beat slower normals on startup. I feel like Balrog benefits more in K or C.

Terry I think would be okay for your team too. He has great small jump normals, good guard breaking pressure, good damage off BnB’s with level 1s. He also doesn’t have a bad wakeup game either. All versions of rising tackle are invincible on startup for 8 frames (this is the entirety of the startup), plus he has Alpha counters and counter rolls if needed.

Have fun! lol I know I left you with a lot of options.


Akuma is an execution-heavy character. To play him in N-groove, you have to have RC hurricane kick down cold - it’s the key to his game, as he can’t consistently get in on top-tier footsie characters without it. To max out his potential, you have to know and be able to execute his multiple raging demon setups, and be able to regularly hit cr.MK xx fireball level 3 (the double-half-circle motion one).

N-Groove is hard for beginners because it generally lacks a big-damage option (lvl 2 cancels in C, raged level 3s in K), only has semi-stored meter, and while it gives you a good defensive option in GC-roll, it’s harder to apply than those in C (air block) and K (JD). A cvs2 beginner playing mid-tier characters in N-groove is a recipe for losing an awful lot as you learn the game. Some people can deal with that though, it’s all up to how you like to learn.

Nick T. gave a great breakdown of those characters in N-Groove, I agree with almost everything said.


Hm, interesting. Think I’ll try a combo of Cammy, Terry, and Athena in K. First I think I’ll hit up some tutorials related to system mechanics. I can play CVS2 the classical Street Fighter way but I definitely want to learn everything that’s specific about the game. Thanks for the input, folks.

EDIT: Are there any other characters I’m missing who are even easier to play than the three I’ve mentioned above? I wouldn’t mind becoming decent quickly because I play a rotation of fighters and they all take enough time to learn.


Easy mode team? Claw, cammy, sagat. All have high priority, fast and far reaching pokes. The latter 2 are high damage and make very good use of super meter.


Definitely this. N-Groove requires a bit more widespread game knowledge compared to the other grooves, even S, because it’s not so straight forward on how to use the meter. It requires a bit more calculation on the users end.

It was a great starter groove when the game first came out because it seemed like because of the options that N groove offered, it seemed better in the long run. What happened was that it turned out to be a little more difficult to use in terms of practicality or consistency. Like, it offers great ways to land damage, but damage output can be low sometimes. Or, sometimes because of the low damage output in some scenarios, a round would still be played out, whereas a level 2 super with C groove would’ve ended it.


I’m just posting to second caliagent’s team suggestion. That’s probably the easiest team in the game to learn, you can get far with just basic footsie knowledge. What’s also nice about that team is that it’s very strong in both C groove and K groove.

Also, I’d recommend staying away from Athena in K-groove. Crouching fierce can only get you so far, and she has no reliable way of landing her supers. Athena is decent in A groove, and pretty crappy in all other grooves as a result of her supers being so bad.


I think I’m switching out my beloved Mai, and I think I will either replace her with a better character or somebody else. My K-Rock and K-Kyo are already low tiers compared to A-Blanka,Claw,Dictator

What do you guys recommend that I should add?

K-Chun Li

I’m thinking Sagat, but Sagat is kinda blocky. but he’s still really good… but I dont know Sagat’s matchup against high jumpy characters like claw or bison and blanka… so I’m not quite sure. the reason I kept Mai was not only to be unique but also because she can jump high and air grab high jumping characters like Claw


kgroove theory: k characters should have mobility, so they can back away more easily from agroove and not get chipped to death. so theory ken. and mai. in theory.

sagat theory: sagat is always good. quit playing with your dick and just pick sagat.

meter theory: chunli can’t threaten big damage without meter.

chunli is not top tier theory: chun is not top tier in this game because EVERYONE misses her super SOMETIMES, and will eat shit for it.


I’m thinking of replacing my Mai for K-Sagat.

K-Sagat is quite dangerous with his meter, damage, and health. Hell, a R1 K-Sagat is quite dangerous. His low fierce + tiger cannon super does HALF of a R2 characters life. Yes, that’s R1 doing half the life of an R2 from Sagat’s rage meter super.

I think what I’ll do is this. If I’m having trouble with claw, dictator, or blanka, I’ll switch them out.

My main team will be K-Sagat, Rock, Kyo. but if I’m facing trouble against some crazy character like Claw, I’ll replace my Rock and put in Mai. Mai has good jumps and I can sorta use her against Claw. I just can’t use Mai for shit against Blanka. you know, just matching it up the right away. i dont wanna fully commit to character loyalty mainly because my characters work better against certain other characters.


In K groove,

Sagat > Chun~=Ken~=Mai > Iori

Rai just won the Japan cvs2 nationals with K Mai, the character is legit.


I’m going to say stick with Mai. Only because I see Sagat on every bloody team, lol!


Rai is a beast, didn’t BAS say K-Mai was top tier one time? I prefer N-Mai in theory since she doesn’t die to chip CC’s and only looses out on JD.

I also really like N-Rolento in theory as well, I was bored and watched some of Combofiend’s K-Rolento and the low jump mp into super is really quick. And N-groove would give Rolento more of his AC’s as well as run, low jump, meter control, and RC’s, which all help him out quite a bit.

Are there videos or results of the recent cvs2 nationals anywhere?

EDIT- basically what Nick T said about N-Rolento, haha