Ask OMNE: Being Black

You know it had to be done!

Ask Away!

Fuck Rob’s thread, this shit is where it’s at!

What makes DeeJay so good Jetay?

Why do black guys like huge asses? Do all black people really like fried chicken? I see this commonly, larger white girl with a black dude…explain

ROFL yangsing! I always see a hood ass nigga with grimey fat white girl. You know he’s either her babys daddy, or using her cuz she got credit. That’s how I saw it working at macys. Id try to get them to apply for a card, and the dude would never do it, but he’d always ask the white girl to apply, and she got approved most of the time.

I got a question, off the wall or thriller? Why did thriller over shadow off the wall? And at what point if any, did Michael jacson become officially not black?

And do you guys consider Africans niggas? What about mixed dudes who look more black? And what’s up with those really light niggas who are pretty much red heads/fingers? How does that happen?

Everyone likes fried chicken.

What are your thoughts on people referring to “acting Hood/ghetto” as “acting black”?

Truer words were never spoken (typed?).

rims that are worth more then the car, explain.

What’s the average penis size for black man?
Grape drank, does it just have to be purple stuff…Any exclusion like Welch Grape Juice, Grape Crush soda, etc…

I offered a black guy watermelon & got all upset…He still ate the watermelon but WTF…Is this like a rule like dont ever touch a black man’s radio…

Hey Jetay, how many watermelons can you eat at once?

Why are black people so raw at Street fighter, and do you agree that being black gives you extra power as Balrog

Why do black people love this song?


Why do black people take hella long to answer questions?

Ha Ha Ha at everything so far!

Super Joe: Dee Jay is Guile with OFFENSE! if your execution is on point, Dee Jay can beat ANYBODY! Plus, he is black, he fights with oppression power.

Yangsing: When you get behind a chick hittin it and she has a huge ass, this will not need to be explained. Get a chick with ASS. All

Black people like Chicken, So does the rest of the world, people just tie chicken to black people only b/c its usually our 1st choice to

get something to eat when we are hungry. Black men usually dont choose large white woman, they usually come to us b/c they are

lonely and we usually fuck anything. Plus with bonus that large woman will usually give a nigga whatever he wants " this is the

same for any sized white woman " might as well take what you can get.

Messatsu Orochi: Off The Wall. Only white people and people with NO rhythm love Thriller more the Off The Wall. Michael bounced back and forth between his blackness. He lost most blackness when he started having little white kids over to his place. He gained some blackness back when he got fat ugly white woman pregnant. He lost some again when he named the kids something retarded like BLANKET… " sorry im not referring to kid as the same thing as i would cover myself with at night "
Africans are SOME OF THE WORSE BLACKS OUT THERE… Read Samb… Thats all im saying.

tjdeuceosix: Stuff white people came up with. This is not in our culture. so there for it has nothing to due with blackness. Its just white people replicating ignorant niggas off of some stupid shit like the muary show. Hood is a lifestyle, Not a Act. Most people can see a play when a Act is on.

HappyStickPerson: Great Question. Usually those people are losers. They have nothing better going on in there lives so they have a shiny object to distract stupid with to distract them from the fact that they live at home, have no aspirations for the future and will most likely ask to borrow money from you in the future. Its like jingaling Keys for a baby to make it smile, you can only make a baby smile, while you can only make the retarded be impressed with rims on a car.

rcaido: Why are you assuming i look at other black dick!?!?!? Just sayin. That is a investigation you will have to due on your own Inspector Gadget. Grape drink is usually just purple stuff. we dont do Welch’s cause that shit is usually to expensive when we are happy with the cheaper shit. We dont need any fuckin nutrious shit. Some dumb niggas like to pretend to be offended when there is absolutely no need for it. These same niggas act like going to work today is the same as Harret Tubman traveling the underground railroad back then. GTFO with that bull shit. Tell that nigga to find a bigger fight, like random black people being shot in the street by police. not a white person kind enough to offer you some food you like anyway.

samB: Your mom has swallowed everyone’s “watermellon”. Why do you think you are only child. HOMO.

FuriousJodo: WHY DO YOU THINK I USE BALROG IN STREET FIGHTER 4! Of course i get extra power from it. Black people always pull for black people to win in ANYTHING. Might as well use a black person while we try to win ourselves.

Imperator215: Niggas like to live in imagination land sometimes when it comes to music sometimes. Like that song is there life or some shit. Its like how Females sometimes think that Usher,Maxwell, 112 or whoever is singing a love directly to them and no one else. Just some imagination land bull shit. Nothing more.

I straight up left the room in the middle of answering question and went to the bedroom and took a nap b/c Koda has the ungodly need to fuckin watch some bull shit on T.V. like Wendy Williams. I couldnt stand to be in the room so i left. And why do you ask about Black people and Time anyway? You should know by now you are gonna have to wait for niggas to due anything cause WE know you are gonna wait reguardless. So hey, whats the rush!?!?



Hella black guys use akuma. Is it cuz they think he’s black? Or cuz they think he’s cambodian? Cambodians are the closest asians to black people I know. I think akuma is cambodian.

LMAO good thread.

Why do black people think Biggie and Tupac are alive? Why is it cool to have a gold or platinum grill? Why is it more important to have a clean ride than nice house? Why do you guys dance so well wtf?

^^cuz you cant pull up to the club in your HOUSE nigga! unless its a motorhome, which would be pretty tight

i am also a fan of wheels that cost more than the car, even if you drive a bucket you cant be sittin on bullshit.

gold and platinum? whats to understand? im tryna shine too

so the wheelset on one of my bikes cost more then the frame, can I be an honorary black man? or does that just make me a honky looser?