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What do I do with C-Rolento against Chun-li? Cross-up j.LK is giving me a headache. Even just braindead setups like d.LP, d.LP, cross-up j.LK. I don’t have a dp with Rolento, and plus I’m too fat to cleanly walk under her as well.

I ain’t popoblo, but Roll cancel scouter jump works fine for me. Forwards, backwards, it’s all good. Also, if you’re in a-groove, you can utilize his lack of trip guard to get damage in once you have a super.

I think dashing is pretty good… dash under chun… u got to be quick though.

POPOBLO: here’s a good question for you.

you said you were gonna give me some feedback on my vids in that other thread. what happened? :frowning:

lol, i was more than willing to HELP buk, but whatever.

you can deal with chun li’s crossup in the simplest or most complex way you want.

simplest- roll. sounds ghetto, but it works, you won’t mess up the execution, and it’s very simple. you don’t actually deal any damage, but you do avoid the crossup.

most complex- see her jump, then RC scouter jump backwards and jab. the fierce usually isn’t quick enough for me, so jab works also. 756 points of damage with the counter hit.

patience is a virtue, so chill out.

How do you know the counter hit damage? Forumula?

Go to training, then turn counterhit on, and the attack data on also. There ya’ go.

actually popoblo I want to ask you how do you do your rc elec? I use to do it normally from fierce to jab but now for some reason I can’t do it anymore. Do you got any advice for consistency? My fingers go stupid now. It wasn’t that hard bu for some reason whenever I try to do it now sometimes I ever miss inputs or I might hit mp and lp simultaneously


that’s the basic formula, and you can add all kinds of variations to it. the most important thing is to get the piano part down FAST. the faster you can do the piano, the easier you can do something like whiff crouching short, RC electricity. that right there is an AA and a block string/bait for your opponent to stick something out.

it’s weird, i can find myself day-dreaming in class and RC’ing electricity. THAT shows that i’m addicted to cvs2, but it’s like a habit that you do even when you’re not really paying attention.

maybe that’s why i can do RC electricity so well, because it’s like a simple habit. try and make sure that each of your fingers feel like INDIVIDUAL taps, and not like one quick motion. it should be quick, but each part should feel distinct.

i just wrote entirely too much about RC electricity, but i hope that helped.


PS- i’m drunk right now, but i think my info is still on point.

It’s not that hard to do it but lately my hand has been going stupid when I’m going for the LP input then roll. Sometimes I miss the LP input entirely and go right into roll. and sometimes my inputs are all correct except at the end i get a lp hp lk simultaneously. A few weeks ago I had no problem at all doing it but lately it’s like my hand lost it’s mind.

lp mp,mp, roll,fp…thats the best way.I can use it as an anti air like 90%.

Skillz with the mp mp!!! That’s gotta be a typo.

I dont know if you sarcastic or not,but thats how you do it for antiair.

Lmao I do the same thing in class. I remember like a week ago I drew six buttons on the back of a piece of paper in my notebook, and practiced rc elec like 3 periods in a row. That shit helps. :slight_smile:

we are the biggest geeks of all time.


I do that when i’m at work or on the bus doing nothing. :pleased:
But i do it with RC Lightning Legs instead.
BTW, why is it so hard to do this out of a dash, but relatively easy to do after whiffing a s.strong or f.forward??
Is her dash to RC LL any good for rushdown anyway?
Haven’t gotten a chance to test it yet, but her dash seems HELLA slow and easily countered by random pokes.

I remember seeing someone do it in a japanese video. He’d do s.strong, dash rc legs s.strongxxxfireball.

Whaddup Renwick.
I just wanna know the abuse factor of it. lol
I mean it has some REALLY good properties (it’s safe, can’t be ducked, starts combos, vulnerable only to throws i would imagine), very similar to RC Elec, but Blanka’s dash/hop seems faster than Chun’s dash, so i dunno how well it could catch people off guard.


LOL sometimes at school I would just drum my fingers on a desk when I’m bored. People would think I was just bored or something. Oh poboblo I still don’t understand how RCing Kyo’s super (the 14 hit one) crosses up.