Ask the cast of Watchmen anything you want and free passes to the movie in LA!

For people near the LA area in So Cal, ionno if it’s too late but here’s an e-mail i got.

Golden Apple has another cool WATCHMEN offer for you - Be on EXTRA TV asking the CAST of WATCHMEN anything you want…within reason - THE FIRST 10 FANS on camera will recieve a FREE SET OF WATCHMEN POSTERS!!! TOMORROW - TUESDAY FEBRUARY 17 AT 2PM - we’re giving a chance for true WATCHMEN fans to ask questions to the CAST and DIRECTOR of the much anticipated flick…WATCHMEN - EXTRA will play a selection of the questions to the ACTORS & DIRECTOR on Wednesday when they are interviewed for the show. YOUR questions and thier answers will air on EXTRA, tentatively on Thursday Feb 19th - Check out for more details - Golden Apple has all of your WATCHMEN MERCHANDISE - BOOKS - TOYS & MORE… (323) 658-6047 FOR MORE INFO

Watchmen screening passes from golden apple!!!

More stuff for people in the LA area, shoulda posted it up sooner but i’m lazy and it’s raining

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