Ask the Colossus Guru



That’s right folks. This thread is to ask any questions or to get general info about Colossus. I have played him for some years now, and have played against so many teams that I have vast knowledge of matchups and situations. Ask anything here, and I’ll answer the best I can. Let’s get started!


Thanks for attempting to breathe some life into character forums. It’s been the doldrums lately.

First off I’d just like to get your opinion on the metallic russian’s tiering and your mindset even. Do you see Colossus as particularly low tier? I don’t really pay attention to tiers, but I know some players do while most ‘low tier’ gods take the VDO-style “what tiers?” approach.

Secondly, in terms of approach to the match, do you feel like Colossus has similarities to any top tier characters (or even low tier) in terms of a loose formula for gaining the advantage.

I’m looking forward to picking up Colossus over the next few training sessions I find time to throw down, so I’m sure I’ll have some specifics in the next couple days.


No problem, I’m actually glad to share the knowledge I have with the community.

As far as tiering, I think he is right where he should be low/mid. He has some winnable matchups, but also some horrible ones. I generally try to get close. When close you can set up low/throw/jump in setups. He has an akward fall speed and jump angle so you need to use this. His has tremendous crossup ability so use this to your advantage. You have good control of your trajectory in the air, so you want to generally set up a, because usually they have to block it or get hit.

Is he similar to other characters? Not really. A good friend of mine sometimes says “to me, he’s like another sentinel”. This is true in some ways, but very untrue in others. He has a ton of life. The most behind sent himself so he takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. So he can hang in there. Most combos wont kill him, or even hurt him bad. So you generally get a chance to at least block some stuff, or tech roll and get another chance. General things to keep in mind:

-Super is instant, so use that to get him out safely in any situation via dhc. Also has punishing abilities with instant dhc supers (storm hail, iron man proton cannon, juggernaut headcrush, etc.)
-C.hp has insane reach, great damage, and even evasive frames (he moves forward, so if you c.hp at close range it will not get hit by forward moving assists [example: cyclops, psylocke])
-his lp is hella good. all versions. the ground one locks down at 3 frames. crouching jab has hella range for a jab. jumping jab has good range, and priority. if you land a j.jab combo it into j.fierce, super. good damage off a jump jab.
-shoulder bash moves negate most projectiles. so tiger knee lk shoulder bash will negate most anything. common ones are mega man buster, psylocke projectile etc. but experiment with it. It will take the projectile away without taking any damage. and remember you can still super cancel after you negate the projectile for punishment sometimes.
-his hp throw seems to have hella priority in general.

Ask me anything else. I’m getting distracted so I got to go now.,


Thats funny bc my I thought of him as mini-sentinel when I was trying to compare him to something else. I guess that’s only from a power-ed up shoulder bash perspective though.

I see VDO doing a lot of dash LP/LK xx whiff command grab. Do you see an advantage to that? I can see that it helps apply pressure, but it seems dangerous. Not to cross the RDG :pray: … It seems like his style to take the big risks with Colossus and act safer with the rest of his squad, so maybe this is not as applicable to you, but Colossus does seem to be a high risk/ high reward character.

That said, does that affect your team setup for your Colossus squad(s)? Who are you running for Colossus teams?


What about Col doom and cap or cyke?


Colossus is definately high risk high reward. He truly fits that definition well. He is similar to sentinel in some ways, polar opposites in others. I honestly don’t think there is any character in this game that plays similar to him.

The command grab move is ok to throw out sometimes because it is practically safe on block, and it adds something to the mix. If your opponent knows you are going to do the shoulder bash move, you are fucked. Even though shoulder bash is his best special move, he only has 2 special moves total. shoulder bash and command grab. so his options are somewhat limited and you need to switch it up with him, and never be predictable. the grab does good damage on hit, and throws them FAR. They will be in the corner or close to it if you hit them with it, and in the corner it sets up for unrollable 100% combos. You can super cancel it and dhc if they block it and you want to get colossus out.

some general random things with colossus:

-he can really work well as either point character, or aaa assist in the back of the team. he can beat up a lot of assist characters 1on1 at the end of a match so it is good to have him there, and he can also wreck shop on point by building 2 meters and getting a dhc.
-his snapback is pretty long and fast. its low to the ground too so i dont think anyone can crouch out of it.
-if you land a launch, just do j.lp,, qcf+lk, qcf+pp. if they are far away, delay the j.lp, j.lp. it will still combo and gets you closer to them before the special/super combo.
-his normals have a LOT of hit stun. So you can combo things very slowly if you want, or dhc off of any landed normal due to the instant startup super he has.
-he has a very hard time chipping. his most viable chip option is his snapback (LOL) because his only chip options are: shoulder bash (tiger knee lk is ok only. still unsafe sometimes), super (suck), and snapback (pretty safe). each do exactly 1 pixel of chip becasue they are each one hit. so generally if they have 1 pixel left, your best bet is to hit them with a snap.

My main colossus teams are:






I’m willing to explain the advantages/gameplan of any of these teams if anyone is interested.

Some characters I have thought about, and have a feeling they will work very well with colossus are:

iron man

I have not really experimented with these much though. I am almost positive there is potential there though, and I can explain why if anyone wants to know.

Hmm i don’t see too much potential there, as there arent really great dhcs and team chemistry. I would put colossus/(cable/storm/sent)/doom or cap or cyke. This way you have a deadly dhc, and when you do it you have a strong character fighting with good assists behind them.

col + commando makes it hard for them to run away from colossus because they have to be careful of command. works great and does stupid damage if you connect. follow it up with air combo into shoulder bash xx super.

col + doom allows for ground block strings that do chip damage. this is important because people need to block colossus’ moves or they die. doom can do some combos with colossus assist too.


Nice avatar btw =)


Do you by chance know the 3 hit on the ground combo that is linked with the Cyclops expansion assist to create the Colossus infinite? Thanks for the help and much luv!



That was a suki cancel infinite. It’s not going to happen in a real match under normal circumstances.


I think this combo works with doom:
Launch call doom, magic into tackle or hp + his grab… I did some kinda combo like that before, can’t remember


It’s a pressure tactic. If VDO does ducking jab to low RH, command grab (blocked) He recovers before you do. Also, he is right in your face, which is where he wants to be. Since Col has such high stamina, you can take “risks” with him. It seems like you can hit him after the blocked grab, but you cannot. He usually calls out Ken after he recovers and while you are blocking Mr. Masters, he dashes in a presses that offense. Very little risk to him.


Thanks for the input Hollow-- I see, so it only LOOKS like Colossus is left open, good to know. I need to step up Mr. Rasputin so I can properly run some duos with that OTHER Russian.

Team CCCPringles?

Much respect to you for capturing/providing high-lvl low-tier matches.


Hehe. Which Russian? You wanna go all Russian, run Zangief, Colossus and Omega Red. It really is not a bad team at all.

Thx for the acknowledgement. I got a lot of upcoming vids in store.


Oh, My Col, Doom combo is:

Launch (call doom_ magic ending with the FP that knocks them down ( they will hit dooms rocks) plus either lk tackle or the command throw. You can also time the super with this too. Does okay damage.


I love playing Colossus with IM and Storm. I have taken down so many Sentinel players with his AA assist. I also just discovered of you can get in deep on Sent with a his launcher it can chain into a RH shoulder tackle XX super for 66 damage. Trouble is, the super won’t connect if you hit with a jump-in before the launch, so I rely on Storm’s proj. assist to get in. This works anywhere, not just corners, and from there I can chain in Hailstorm for around 90 damage mashed. PC after that brings it to 120 average.
If you’re playing Cable, HVB after the above Col combo to get about 118 on Sent.

My all-time favorite Colossus move, though, is the BnB air combo in the corner +dhc to Tron’s Lunch Rush. What else will give you 134 damage on Cable and look that embarrassing?


You can launch, rh shoulder bash, super to any character, not just sent. And it DOES work off a jump in attack.


I have been using Rogue, Collosus, SonSon as my main team and was wondering if Collosus’ Power Dive super can be combo’d off of SonSon’s Anti Air assist.

I have been trying but can’t get it to work, just wondering if someone with better execution/judgement could tell me if it works or not.

EDIT: Wow I fail. If I call in SonSon’s assist, jump, super it hits every time -_- I fail pretty hard. Anyways it’s excellent if you can do this

in corner
Start as Collosus, Call out SonSon AAA, jump, Power Dive, DHC into “Sugar” Super (Rogue), as she is kissing DHC into either the Staff Super or the Monkey Super for SonSon. If you use the Monkey Super spit out flame to continue the combo.


Haha cool stuff, I never used sonson, let alone sonson/colossus. Just from thinking of it, you might be able to do something like, qcf+hk, super. You can probably use sonson assist as a ghetto launcher too and just superjump, aircombo, tackle, super. This is pure speculation as I have not played this team before.


I actually do use SonSon as a ghetto launcher. She comes out so fast it is hard for people to react sometimes.

I just recently got into Marvel so a lot of stuff is new to me. I will have to try and start to combo more into super. Considering if Son Son hits and I go into super that will do about 50% damage, if I combo it could possibly go into 100% with DHC. More stuff for me to try out!


do you use the power up super much? maybe just against magnus or what?