Ask the correctional officer/jail guard anything

Of course I can’t answer every question due to confidentiality reasons but ask a decent question and you’ll get a decent answer…

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Is it like Oz?

So do many homos come out of the closet once in prison?

From the scope of inmates it can be like Oz. There are heirachies in jail and usually the head of the range is the most quiet, simple and compliant one (as s/he possesses all the power and gets others to do the dirty work). There are other chains of command/levels for inmates. The show is unsurprisingly more of a soap opera so it sort of ignores policies and procedures but essentially the gist of it Oz is not so far-fetched but not ultra realistic either. Happy middle, some parts will make you laugh - others, I tell myself “Wow… pretty good.”

What state/prison are you in first then I’m gonna flame the fuck outta you/pay back

I’m a homo.

And you’re 2005.

No answer.

I reread your post and I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about. Should I rephrase my question?

haha I didn’t understand either but I guess he is talking about your join date.

But for realz man, where are you located /work ?

I couldn’t tell if you were serious. Anyway, most homosexuals remain in the closet - they usually only inform the psychiatrist and some officers of their sexual orientation. Effeminate homosexuals are typically in protective custody and masculine homosexuals depending on what group they belong to or who they know are generally accepted. Though homosexuality is, for the most part, a closet issue in jail.

aaa fuck I give up

What’s the percentage of female workers who fuck inmates?

Do they allow male guards in female prisons? If so, got pics?


How about rape? How often does it happen. Sorry I am curious, prison is fascinating. I love watching Lock Up.

yeah I’d like to know that. Also if there is hot female ass in jail do any males that work there just rag the shit out of them.

Also as aprison officer how do you combat the problematic issue of ass rape in jail. Like do you turn a blind eye or do you hunt down those rapists and dish out some justice?

oH yeah you do realise 90% of questions are going to be about prison sex.

EDIT: google Audrey Bitoni prison sex and tell me if IRL is like that.


But really, how would I know? A pattern does exist that I find most female workers are attracted to the sociopaths in jail (at least the ones with non-murder crimes) and that is because those individuals are astonishingly confident, charming and good looking. They are known to manipulate and not harbor any guilt so perhaps that female may be looking for a challenge. Additionally, the quality of her personal life may affect her judgement when dealing with inmates.

Again, I’d say the percentage is really low from what I know anyway. They usually always get caught and of course are disciplined.

Yes. Males can either work at prisons that are exclusively female or on a female unit.

How do sexual harassment cases get dealt with?

oh wait lol… I hope you didn’t think I was threatening you lol. I meant the flame was gonna be the pay back lol. And I’m slow so it took me a minute to realize you can’t answer my question huh? lol doooohhh

Rape is typically denied by inmates because they feel it affects their masculine image of not expressing feelings and feel emasculated because a man performs such a crime. Patrols are done so the act of rape would be something to happen quickly. However, when we do have reasonable and probable grounds to believe that someone is raping another - it is a misconduct and dealt with.

what was the worse crime, covered up by guards or higher officials.