Ask Tokido: Your Questions for the MurderFace


Hey guys,

Tokido’s coming down to where I live (Singapore) to kick ass and take names this weekend…

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking to him for about half an hour on a couple of things. And over the weekend I might be able to pull him aside for some quick questions too.

So I was wondering if anyone’s got any burning questions they’d like to put to Tokido (no disrespectful Qs, please)?

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The Tokido Formula

Ask him what is his favorite restaurant, favorite food dish, and favorite beverage.


Who would win in an IRL fight, him or Umehara?


my question is this
Q1. What do you do when you are under pressure and you are down on health with no meter, how do you respond to that mentally when you know you are very close to losing.

Q2. When you get destroyed in a previous match what do you do to recover for the next match in a tournament.


credited response.


How do you find the time to play multiple games at a high level?


Do you play any non-fighting games? If so, what are you playing?

How many hours a week do you train?

  1. What game is he currently focusing on
  2. How does he feel about infiltration akuma taking evo
  3. Will he pick up persona 4
  4. Does he think that game will kill sf4 in japan


Great questions, everyone. We should be asking most of the stuff mentioned so far. There’s still about… 16 hours before I go see him, so anytime from now till then, feel free to chime in if anything good comes to mind, and I’ll try to get as many Qs answered.

After the deadline, I’ll have to try and pull Tokido aside during this weekend’s festivities.


I’m curious about how he feels about SFIV’s current standing as a competitive game and how he feels it will hold up with respect to longevity. I understand it is still going strong in Japan’s arcades, but does he feel SFIV will (can?) hang in there like say Third Strike has for so long.

Secondly, does he still enjoy playing the game? He also plays countless fighting games - which does he prefer the most?

IV is widely considered to be quite tightly balanced. If he had the ability to suggest changes to the game, what would they be and why?

As an Akuma player, what are his thoughts on Infiltration’s run at EVO?


What does he think of umvc3.
Why doesnt he practice it more now that its part of sbo.
Will he be competing on the last chance qualifier for sbo.

#12 - EVO 2007 photo by Hail and Kill, click to see a hover box saying the names of the players.

You used to be a Tan Rockstar, how’d you get so pale?!


Did you ever watch this later and have a reaction to Kuroda?

Sorry, these are media based to have to show him, and won’t really have answers. Here’s one he’ll actually enjoy:

Who named you Murderface? Where does that nickname come from?


Also ask him about infiltration stealing his raging demon pose and what kind of payback he has planned.


What was his thoughts on EVO2K12 in comparison to EVO2K11


Do you have a job outside of tournaments, or are you able to live solely off of your winnings?

What are your responsibilities as a sponsored player?




Why is he named the murder face?
What’s it like training with some the best competitors (Daigo)?
How do you feel when you face ppl who are on the same sponsorship who you train with (Daigo)?


Some commentators have described you as a master of the cheap stuff. What do you say to that? How do you always find things to exploit?

Would you say you have natural talent for fighting games or have you had to grind like the rest of us?


So…what ever happened to this? lol


^^ not enough dr…

yo tokido I challenge you to a ft5 in AE