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king, beni, billy
takuma has a zoning game but hes one of the most offensive characters so he doesnt suit a zoning role


This question is so simple it’s embarrassing. XIII was my first KOF and I feel pretty comfortable with the system by now. I’m decent with a good handful of characters and can even pull off a few somewhat tricky drive combos. I’m coming along.

But I’m so bad at jump-ins.

I’m not sure what I’m missing, but if I try to start a combo in training or mission mode with a jump-in I have a horribly tough time connecting the next hit in the combo (after I land). I typically end up hopping right in front of the dummy and hitting my normal as late as possible to make it work, but that feels very unnatural.

Strangely I don’t have quite as hard of a time with this in actual matches, but I don’t try to start many combos off of a jump-in anyhow. Does anyone have any advice that might help me connect jump-in combos more frequently?


You’re trying to attack too soon into your jump/hop. Delay it, that’s really all you can do.


You are probably pressing the jump attack button too early but also take into consideration the hitboxes of your attacks. Some jump attacks have a very vertical hitbox so they hit earlier in the jump, which gives you less time to followup on the ground. There are other attacks that you can actually hit early in the jump but they won’t connect until later in the jump because their vertical hitbox isn’t as long (like say, Kyo’s jB).


What he said. It’s a pretty common problem for players used to modern fighting games. KOFXIII jump-in hitstun is much lower than it is in say SF4 and especially compared to SFxT.

Funny thing is, KOFXIII is still much easier than older KOF’s. So if you never want to worry about it again. Learn to hit jumpins in KOF98, and XIII will feel like a piece of cake!


Some characters have longer jump in hitstun then others. I know Clark can jump in with anything and land whatever combo he wants. Billy’s jump D is an easy one too.


Nope. Jump hitstun (just like all hitstun) is universal. The only defining factor is whether jump-ins combo easier is depending on how fast the startup of the ground move is.

Only jump attacks that do more hitstun are air command normals like Kyo j.d+C and Iori j.b+B. They do grounded heavy hitstun.


I’m new to KOF and i don’t know how to choose the main team.
As far as i have played, two characters strike me: Takuma (for his style) & King(for her playstyle i can get used easily).

But how can i choose my third? I hesitate between Andy, Goro, Ryo, Mature, Shen and K’. But maybe these characters aren’t in synergy with both characters.
How did you choose your team?


In the very beginning do not worry at all about synergy, just use the three characters you like and improve with them. Chances are you are not even at the level where synergy really matters (consistent HD combos from your anchor, mostly).

King and Ryo are both great starting characters, and are both on my current team as well, but really it is up to you.

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Like Sam Vimes said, don’t worry about Synergy. Synergy is overrated, undoubtedly related to the popularity of marvel 3 at the moment, in which synergy will make or break your team. not so much in XIII. So play whoever you like and think is cool.

Shen is a beast with meter and so is Takuma, so if you want to get into meter synergy, those might not be the best fit. But you can make it work.


Gonna’ have to disagree. Jump in hitstun is different for each character. If I jump in B with Billy, it’s not an easy combo into cr.B. Unlike say Clark’s jB into crB. And Hwa’s jump D or C can be hard to link into, the timing is pretty specific.


No…the hitstun values are the same. Obviously the more vertical a jump attack is, the earlier it will hit in the jump (unless you press your button much later), and the earlier it hits, the harder it will be to combo after it.

For instance, suppose you jump in with two different jump attacks and on each of them, you hit the jump attack during the 10th frame of the jump. Now assuming both jump attacks can stay on screen for a fair bit of time, if the first one has a vertical hitbox, it will probably connect the moment it becomes active, so you have less time to connect the ground normal. A more horizontal jump attack won’t connect that early because the hitbox won’t reach yet, so the character will descend lower into the jump before the hitbox finally can connect, and by then, that character will be closer to landing compared to using the more vertical jump attack, so they can connect the ground normal more easily. The hitstun of both normals would be the same though…


Makes sense.


Hello, I’m new to KOF and I’m wondering how do you unlock Boss Ash? I think he’s a good character and I want to use him in the next tournaments and EVO next year. Thanks


Well you start by drawing a pentagram on the floor with chalk, next, what is needed is an animal sacrifice, preferably a horse. Place the head of the slaughtered animal on your head. Leave the rest of the body on the pentagram, sit down on it and turn on your console.

Next, beat arcade mode on the highest difficulty without getting hit once, three times in a row while chanting “Are you okay?” over and over.


i rlly wnt 2 unlock smoking weed costume 4 kula?

how 2 do dis?

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The answer seems obvious: Smoke weed every day.


quick question:

what are the universal punishes for wake up roll?
I’m using raiden and as my opponent wakes up after being command grabbed, they eventually try to roll away from the subsequent cross up D.
what would be the counter(s)?



Rolls can be thrown, and they also can be punished with a full combo during the recovery period at the end. Punishing rolls takes sometime to get used to, I couldn’t punish rolls consistently for a while.

You also to option select run to chase a roll, during a jump in. This is done by tapping ff when your jump in would normally hit or get blocked. If your doing it right, your character will only run if the jump in whiffs.


Fascinating :tup: