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In the same way you can also option select a throw. Or even better:

Just time a jump in attack with a follow up cl.C like you usually would, but make sure to hold a direction + C. If they block/get hit, it combos, if they roll the jump attack whiffs and throw comes out.

It’s a bit iffy on the spacing, but I think it’s possible. In older KOF’s you kind of had to commit to forward + C, which meant you couldn’t safejump, because back + C is really hard to make work as a throw input in those games. That’s considerably easier in this KOF.

If They’re still rolling away, that means you’re not close enough to doing a safejump, which means that dragon punches would beat you if they had the balls to do it. In such cases, it is probably worth considering option selecting a run into your jump-in. But honestly, I’d sooner work on your safejumps.


Phoenix and Grublet posted some really good ways to catch mid-screen wake up rollers.

If you ever throw them in the corner, try out this OS incase they would like to roll out:

(this is rather old btw)


The notes from the comments are:

“The button hierarchy for when buttons are pushed simultaneously:
HK > HP > LK > LP
Use this to get either a weak attack or throw. Use the hit stop on weak attacks and us LPHK or LKHK with a little delay. If the weak attack hits, you’ll get chain cancle timing on weaks. If it misses you’ll get a throw.
Cmd normals take precedence over other normals. In these cases be creative with the buttons you use to avoid them from coming out.”

“>b.lp+HK will throw an opponent on wakeup if they try and roll, If they block they have to sit in a block string.”


Damn I completely forgot that works! That option select is amazing, haha.


I haven’t been too fond of it in XIII since you’re forced to do a cr.B or cr.A meaty into a st.A/st.B followup, which is decent to crappy for some characters. It’d be better to apply in older games when stuff like cr.A as a meaty could stuff reversals and CD counters, but with EX ranbus and the better command grabs I feel like you’d be better off trying something else or going for the meaty low and reacting to a whiff with a throw attempt or quick st.B xx whatever punish. I’d like to hear what the most frequent top players do for catching rolls, like for instance when Tokido fought Haregoro in a KCE vid, he did Iori’s j.4B and seemed to react to Joe rolling away so he ran forward and tagged him with a HD combo. Likewise Tokido read some backdashes and fully punished the recovery with a full ground combo. For the backdash, there’s no way that was an OS.


How do I do that cool thing where you’re Iori in the older games and you roll behind a stunned opponent then you do the self-backturned j.4B on somebody? Also, how do you do double hop kicks with Kyo in the corner that isn’t qcf+D > qcf+B so I can get double hop kicks and a follow up afterwards?Thanks


How do I deal with Kyo rushdown?


GCBB that shit. You don’t want to deal with that j.2C pressure, because it will open you up eventually.

I’m pretty sure you can also punish j.2Cs that aren’t done deep with certain character’s c.Bs, like Kula and Iori.


And after that?

KoF feels so fast-paced that it’s hard to make proper decisions.
Even anti-airing his shortjumps is a real bother.


Start putting the pressure on Kyo. The best defense is a good offense, as the old saying goes.


GCCD is not exactly a reliable option against j.2C, if the kyo player does it deep enough, as he should, he will have landed before your GCCD comes out.

An annoying but nevertheless true answer is: If your characters cannot anti-air Kyo j.2C reliably, don’t be in the position when j.2C is going to hit. Either be so close that if they hop or jump with it they go over you and miss you completely, leaving them open for a full combo on land. Or be far enough away so that normal hop can’t reach and you can reliably react to hyperhop and normal jumps. The move is good, but is only good* downwards* if you jump D, it will stop hopped j.2C. Don’t get too predictable with it, because if Kyo super or normal jumps with j.2C while you try to stop him from advancing with Jump D or jumb B or whatever your good horizontal jump normal is, he’ll be above you and hit you out of it, and get a nice hard knockdown off of it.

Trying to duck it is certainly possible with some characters. It says you play Leona. Leona can surely duck under sloppy, and even not-so-sloppy j.2C’s with cr.B and cr.D. Hitting cr.B is a free combo into V-slasher. They’ll certainly think twice before mindlessly j.2C’ing at you again.


Adding further to what Phoenix posted, one big weakness for both Kyo and EX Kyo is that their j.D always whiffs on crouchers which makes it a really bad move in this game where it used to be amazing for approaching from a jump-in while also air-to-airing. Kyo lost this while the majority of the cast has a move that covers that horizontal and vertical space in one go. What this amounts to is that if you can stay just outside of Kyo’s j.C/j.2C/j.CD range you can force him to land on a sweep, dunk onto a fireball, or you can neutral/forward hop and tag him with a good air-to-air. You can also try feeling out their desperation when they get into range and then DP them, but if they’re good footsies and twitch baits you wont get to DP their hops very often. This is why the EX Kyo mirror is filled with a lot of nothing since neither can get close enough to safely j.2C without eating a rekka or DP or having someone backdash j.2C to reset the spacing.

If you can stay outside Kyo’s optimal hop range, anti-air his jumps, and stay active enough to discourage him from running forward into peak range then all you’ll have to deal with is a fireball/rekka which isn’t much if you just block since you’ll gain more meter anyway and he generally wont be plus many frames from this. Of course, Kyo’s footspeed is so good that he’ll inevitably get in if you give him enough time, so lay on the hurt while poking him out or AA him then go on the offensive from the reset/knockdown. Out-space Kyo, rush him down, or prepare to eat j.2C and j.CD.

And lastly unless Kyo messes up while in HD or is about to guard break you, don’t GCCD. Really you should only GCAB against him if you expect a blockstring to end with a fireball (or vs EX Kyo, any corner blockstring into rekka or you could try rolling a chain into f.B). Otherwise block and look for a way out, especially vs EX Kyo since he’s gonna safejump so all day in the corner.


So I see…

Haha, I feel like I should’ve known this already…


How far can you go without using HD combos? That stuff seems pretty hard to embed in your gameplay.


It’s doable for certain characters and playstyles. Unless you’re given the chance to do land a clean hit while being fully stocked with Mr. Karate, you’ll get more mileage from DS combos like from dp+A. Hwa Jai only needs HD if you’re overflowing with meter and happen to hitconfirm before you can get drunk. Really, this playstyle is a lot more flexible though there are occasional times where you’ll want to HD if you can do enough damage to kill a character right there.

It seems aside from anchor to anchor battles or when one player has a huge lead, a lot of the Japanese players aren’t opting for HD combos.


Most characters get 3-400 damage off of a c.B with 1 meter and 1 drive, more off of optimal combo starters or corner combos. Even without HD, you can still do good damage, since besides your combos you also have all the damage coming off of anti-airs/trades/blowbacks to factor in. Having a firm grasp of your neutral game is more important than being able to execute that big, all-in combo.


I’m having trouble doing Kyo’s HD combo to HD cancel the DP.p into the reverse DP.k. Any advice?


you don’t have to rush it. the first hit of the dp has a fair amount of freeze so you don’t have to start mashing out the rdp wildly. otherwise, the obvious answer is input display. you can also play around with it and try returning the stick to neutral in between and whatnot. can’t go wrong with input display + experimenting. but honestly, the 2-bar corner hd with repeated dp-rdp in the wiki is not even optimal damage-wise. a better one that only requires you do to it once is:

close C, d/f+D (2 hits), HD, D x dp+C x qcf+B, dp+C x qcf+B, rdp+B, dp+C x qcf+B, rdp+B, dp+C x rdp+B, dp+C xx neomax - 793


I want to start playing kof xiii but a lot of the characters seem very execution heavy. I tried out the trial mode and so far vice and king are the only characters I
have been able to do anything beyond the basic stuff. I’m thinking possibly billy or Saiki, Any suggestions?


try Clark. he’s east to learn. Maxima too. Also Iori’s whole team is easy to use. Mai is good for starters too. She has a REALLY good neomax.


It’s been said a billion times, and it’ll be said another billion times. trials are not in the slightest bit representative of the level of execution you need for the game. They’re purely there for like execution porn. They’re not useful or important combos, there’s easier stuff always.