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I think I’ll go for Mai. As you mention the Neomax is lethal. Order would be King, Vice , Mai I guess


Yeah I guess so I’ll do some hunting around for the B&Bs for my team now I’ve made up my mind


While all of the trials aren’t really important, I think that you can learn a lot from doing the first 5 or 6 for King and Mai. Vice’s are worth trying too. Y’know just to get you seeing how the character works and what they can do.


So what exactly are Daimon’s options against a d/b Kim at roughly sweep range.
It feels like I’m totally outclassed by his pokes, and if I try any tricky shit, he can just flash kick.


Who is similar to their KOF2002 iteration in this game?

Now before you call it a stupid question, I have good reason for asking this. Disillusioned with SF4 and not really having much respect for marvel as a game, I picked up KOF. Now the problem is, I only really get to play KOF offline once a week at a regular house session/stream ( for those interested), and I won’t improve and I will probably stagnate if I just use training mode, so I want to play on GGPO to acclimatise myself to the KOF system.

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Cant go wrong with the classics. ex kyo, ex iori, benimaru, kensou, clark, ryo, daimon, kula, k’, billy can all be played similarly to how they are in that game. Of course bnb combos, especially using meter will be different. ex kyo can qcf+a of lights in 13, ex iori can cancel f+a (like 98). kensou’s combos are different, clark would use hcf+B instead of dp+K. ryo far d in 13 is his old close only d in 2002 (really good) and his fireballs feel different. Kula’s jump cd is differnt in 13 (a lot worse). That said, kyo is pretty meh in 2002, so is k’. Depending on which characters you want to use, practicing with 98 may be a better idea.

kyo/ex kyo - 98 is closer, in 2002 his qcf+A has not such good recovery
ex iori - either, 98 is closer since he can special cancel f+a and j.b+B has a larger hitbox. His super isn’t invincible in 13 though, just like 2002, and he has the followup to it but that’s not really important for practicing gameplay.
benimaru - either, 2002 is closer considering he has his rekkas
daimon - either, he’s much stronger in 98, but id say 13 daimon feels more like 2002
for the rest i think it doesnt matter, and of course k’, kula are not in 98.

also for billy keep in mind he’s way stronger in 2002. but f+A is god like in both games (more god like in 2002). low c is great anti air in both, but it has a lot more range in 2002 and is faster. he doesn’t have invincible ex dp in 2002, of course. hcf+A~qcf+C is safe in 2002 unless they gc roll, not so in 13, you’d use hcf+A instead. low A is good in both but its craz good in 2002. nj.C hits lower in 2002. in 13 his jump CD is a lot faster. and of course combos are different.


Thanks man. Kyo Iori and Daimon are all well rounded characters to learn with,


Spacing and reads.

Really against characters like that you have to be patient and try to bait a response. I know it’s easy in KOF to want to just rush down all the time, but once in a while you got to go back to more of a SF style approach and play a sort of footsie game where you try to enter the edge of their attack range to get them to press something.

Against the characters who have great charge reversal you either have to get them to commit to a button you can punish or get them to release their charge. The better the player is the harder this is to do. Especially harder since empty cancels exist in this game so even if you correctly short hop over a poke, they can still cancel.

And if you feel your character is unable to do this particularly well then you need to start thinking about which of your other characters you would prefer to match up with that character. I play King, EX Iori, Yuri and usually against Kim I am more comfortable with King just because I play that match up better than the other two on my team. If the Kim player wants to play a grind out match up my King does that very well.


My #1 pick would be ex iori for sure. He’s a strong character in 13 and his basic gameplay never changes. 2nd choice would be Benimaru, as long as he fits your style. I don’t think he’s for everyone but he’s super strong in 13 and his core gameplay is also pretty much the same. 3rd would be Daimon, then kensou, then ex kyo. EX kyo feels really different compared to both 98 and 2002, despite having most or all the same moves.

Well just watch what he does. If he’s just sitting on a charge waiting for a cheeky flash kick, run up as close as you can get and roll back. If he’s mashing low B w/ a charge, use st.B. If you think it will hit, you can roll cancel and confirm into~hcb,f+P (or the ex version, or super) and it will combo. His better pokes like st.B or D require him to stand up, so he loses his charge. You can try st.C or D at the tip of their range, or you can try to jump on his head with j.C, CD or whatever.

And if you have the lead, don’t do shit. If you have the space, sit there and dp+K for meter.


I’m having problems with flame ioris combos: when i try to do hard dp->fireball lp+hp it does super cancel. The same with hard dp->qcb + p does super cancel too. I slide technique i use to do saiki’s dp+k->fireball is not working for iori is there any reliable method to stop it super cancelling?


If you need help with Mai, feel free to let me know. There is quite a bit more to Mai than just her Neomax.


Okay, I’m a bit new to KOF XIII (I’ve only been playing for 1 month.), and I’ve already got my team: Ash, Shen, and Mai. I have no problems at all when it comes to combos and cancels with Mai and Shen. In fact, I think Shen is like, the best at it- even though I sucked starting out with him.
My only problem is: Ash.
Ash has good damage output. Nice keep aways. Very nice. My only problem is his combos. Now, I’ve never saw Ash as a combo character like Shen and Mai- I always saw him as a charge/poke character. But everyone online I’ve seen playing with him have no problems kicking my ass with a few combos. The only combo I have is: Jumping LK, Crouching LK, down>up LK.

Can I get some help?


Wikis people, seriously, the SRK one is pretty good.


so yeah i know the importance of team order is debatable and everyone hates talking about it, but i would appreciate some advice anyway. i use ralf, maxima, kyo, ex kyo, hwa jai, and vice. vice is awful without meter and i’ve never seen her played in any position besides 3rd. maxima is sort of in a similar boat but is usually 2nd since he doesn’t seem versatile enough to make comebacks in several matchups. i understand that ralf and ex kyo function well as point characters, so usually i use these orders (square brackets means suborder within them is variable):

Ralf/Maxima/Hwa Jai
Ralf/[Hwa Jai/Kyo]
EX Kyo/Maxima/Vice
EX Kyo/Maxima/Hwa Jai
EX Kyo/Hwa Jai/Vice

the thing is, i am shit with ralf for some reason, and i consider ex kyo to be a really idiotic character. i don’t know why but maxima has given me the best results since the beginning. i mostly want to use kyo, maxima, and vice (which is coincidentally the first team i learned when i didn’t know anything about kof) but i can’t figure out how to order that. kyo’s potential is extremely high with meter so playing him on point seems like a waste, but the other two are not suited for that position (both in strength and fun factor). thoughts are welcomed.


Yeah, I have a similar problem with my team. I have a lot more fun with everyone when they have meter. I really like the mechanics of this game but I’m finding it hard to make a team of characters I like that also fit together in a strategic way. Playing Clark/Terry/Shen at the moment.


Question about HD activation: say you want to combo into an HD combo using normals, and you want to start your HD combo with standing C. Is it better to activate HD during the active frames of your normal (so you get auto dash) and press the C manually, or instead just wait and activate HD afterwards so the C comes out automatically? I find the latter a lot easier, but wanted to know if there was any downside to waiting. Thanks.


The downside of waiting is that you might now always land your combo from maximum range if the far C whiffs. It might mess up the spacing for certain character’s specials, like when you normally combo directly into Daimon’s dp+K. Some characters can get away with it, just test maximum cr.B chain spacing. You might ideally want to get the early timing down so you can do something fancy like whiff st.B and buffer BC each time so that if you caught an outstretched limb you can auto run in for the full combo. If you delayed it in that example, you’ll most likely whiff a far C after activating.


Thanks, I’ll practice with the timing a bit more. That s.B option select stuff is pretty cool, and with people with good s.Bs, I could see myself using that a lot.


It’s actually somewhat dependent on your character. If you have a character who has to start their post activation HD string with a move besides s.C then early activation is better. Two of my characters actually have situations/combos where the C messes everything up.

I usually end up tapping the C button anyways as an extra layer of security in most cases anyways in the event I muck up the timing.


New to the KoF series. How does the combo system work? Is it similar to older street fighter games where the combos are short links (jump in > 2 or 3 moves xx special) ? or is it like SF4 where as long as your timing is clean you can link a lot…or are they cancels / hunter / magic series stuff?

Edit: Also, is SRK the best place to find KoF stuff? Or should I try DL or some other forum? And lastly, are there actual defined / balanced character archetypes in this game (XIII)? or is it everyone just going HAM ? I kinda like zoning characters / balanced characters (Juri, Morrigan, etc)