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Thanks guys, I’ll just have to be more precise. I have a tendency to do motions too fast in match conditions, just got to chill with that.

PS: Vice is who I’m using, I was actually curious who else had the issue. I figured the motions were common enough, LOL.


A way to work yourself into doing it properly is just go into training and try to do in in common situations you might go for the grab. Run up, jump in, etc.


I really have trouble to get the combo timing down. I just started today with Joe and terry.
The timing seems different to other fighting games I have played so far.


for terry drive cancel combos qcb a, to qcb b, you must slightly delay the input, and then after do qcb b, don’t forget to charge dwn to juggle it with ex raising tackle


Can you play 1vs1 online?
I mean with only 1 character instead of a 3 man team?
Thanks in advance.


No its 3 v 3 only


I have decided on 2 of the 3 characters I want to play, duo lon and iori

What are some good players to watch out for?


best japanese players I know of:

iori (claw): KouKou

duo lon: Tenga. MadKof is also a great duo lon player from korea.


For Flame Iori I actually recommend Kleber Yagami in South America. He plays Flame Iori extremely well and there’s a decent amount of footage of him.


Hey KoF-Krew

I’m very interested in picking up KoF and am wondering if the DLC characters are actually optional like they are in MvC3. Pardon if this is ignorant but if I were to want to get “serious” with KoF should I download the three characters? Would I be running into them often at tournaments, etc?



Yes. It is very likely you will run into all of the DLC characters in a tournament.

The team made up of solely those characters even has the moniker “Team $15.”


All 3 of the DLC characters are legit characters so yes you should get those.


I appreciate it. I will consider doing so once I start getting a good feel for the mechanics.



good luck to learn this game, we hope you can enjoy it, this game becomes addictive as soon as you comfortable with the mechanics :slight_smile:


I absolutely love the art style, for some reason it’s very nostalgic! I really enjoy the pace of the game so far, it’s a nice break from SF4 and I dig how a lot of the game is pretty f*ckin’ honest for the most part (at least seems that way right now lulz).

Appreciate the help, d00dz



I’ve set up some KOFXIII FAQS the players can utilize as a reference:
Keep in mind that this will still be updated as we go along playing this awesome game!


So I’ve been getting into the game and have been going through the trials but this leads me to an issue in doing some of them, particularly those that finish with a super. Specifically, it’s about the timing.

For example, in Athena’s fourth trial you’re suppose to finish it up with her hcfx2 super while in the air, but it requires exact timing. Should I be inputting the motions in before the forward LK hits or do I need to be really fast on the command?


I’ll first warn you the some of trials often have execution heavy combos that you typically do not need in a real match. It isn’t like other game’s trial modes.

Second for special moves and supers you can perform the motion and simply hold the buttons. It gives you something like a 5 frame window where the move will come out if possible. It makes specials and supers with strict timing super easy. It’s even easier than plinking in SF4. This technique will make a large majority of the combos you use much more manageable.


The thing about KOF XIII’s trial mode is that they’re actually trials. As in, “See if you can do this!”


I think it’s both a good thing and a bad thing. lol