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All the same, I like to try them just to see if I can get a good grasp of the system.

Still, thanks for the advice. I’ll have to try it when I get the chance.


I know this question has been asked a thousand times, but does anyone know what Reynald’s Layout for KOF13 is? I plan to create a Button layout thread in the newbie saikyo dojo so that we may reduce this question being asked, hopefully.


Does anybody know the frame data for each character’s rolls? Can’t seem to find it anywhere online.


I’m looking for help to choose my 3rd.

The thing is, I’m stupidly picky about my characters. My requirements are: not commonly played, not played by my regular opponent (kula/king/elizabeth) and visually appealing (no ash, saiki or staff guy (benny?))

What I like in characters is a kind of one-dimension-ness that has to be played around. For example in SF4 I like 'sim, honda, gief, sagat, guile.

Currently I have daimon (didn’t like his appearance but he’s very hard to play as a beginner so I’m hooked) and Mai (cos of her…shall we say, “aesthetics”).

Any characters that meet my bizarre criteria? I’m semi-interested in but not overly attached to ralf, clark, chin, maxima, ryo & duo lon if that helps.


Daimon and Mai are not really one dimensional, especially if you are speaking in terms of mid/high level game play. If you’re interested in learning Mai, then feel free to ask any question in relation to her game play as of KOFXIII sense I have plenty of information and game play on the said character.
The actual “beginner-friendly” characters are Terry, Andy, Shen, Claw Iori, Ralf, and Billy (the “staff guy” you are referring to).
If you are coming from SFIV learning how to play KOF, it is best for you to understand the fundamentals that relate to the game before solidifying what characters you are going to play next. After learning the fundamentals, then you can access what kind of applications you can utilize for the characters you like after learning about them as well. Meter usage plays a pivotal role KOF, so you will need to take those factors into consideration while you are picking your characters.
As a beginner, here are some sources for you to utilize as a reference for getting better at the game.


I really wouldn’t put Billy as beginner friendly. His combos can actually have some specific timing and spacing along with his neutral game being a little hard to master.


His normal moves, neutral game, and space control are the very reason why he is beginner-friendly. Because, of these attributes, Billy can outright teach the player the games fundamentals overtime - This is also supported by JuiceboxKing, Mario E, and many other top players (including Reynald who recently made a usability chart shortly after EVO labeling Billy as easily accessible in terms of his game play). Billy’s combos and meter usage will not become important to the beginner until after they understand how to punish and hit confirm into his combos. By the time the player does reach a mid and/or high level in their gameplay, then they will start putting his combos into practice and then gradually applying them to matches. Also, Billy’s meter-less combos are relatively easy to perform (i.e. close st.C, f+A… or cr.Bx3, f+A… or cr.Bx2, s.B), dp+B, hcf+C, qcf+C…). The better (and/or metered) combos are the ones that require a little more precision.


Billy’s neutral game requires you to make some pretty damn good reads to make it scary including taking some huge risks. Most beginning players will spam f.A like an idiot and not bother to learn how to time things which won’t teach them anything. A lot of his moves I see building bad habits for beginners instead of building good ones.

Also I might add Renalds rankings may be based off top level game play and not beginner level. That and he might be talking about execution requirements (Which makes sense with the way he ranked things) not necessarily easy to play in general.

I’ve been teaching people KOF and fighting games for a while and Billy has the moves that can give people bad habits not good ones. Especially if they aren’t playing against people who already have a good understanding of KOF.


Well, you might try and give Maxima a shot. He’s not as fast as most characters, but relies on space control and smart use of his autoguard. Also, he’s pretty simple in the execution department and hits like a ton of bricks.


That sounds pretty cool, I will give him a bit more time. The description of Billy also makes him sound like my kind of character. I’m not a fan of weapons in my fighting games but I’ll check him out anyway.

edit: @Great_Dark_Hero: I’ve seen the Mai thread and the amount of stuff in there is very impressive. I didn’t pick her for her playstyle, just the artwork. She’s fun to play anyway.


I know this question is pretty lazy but I’m looking for a high-tier team and I’m all new to KOF.

I like K` and EX Iori, so I’m looking for a third guy and a proper team order with a short quick explanation. Appreciate your help very much!


Billy is beginner friendly, but this is going by the assumption that the player DOES care to learn KOF fundamentals. Many of Billy’s special moves in the neuteal game and his long term combos require good reads and execution. But, his normal moves would still allow the player to accerate if the player is coherent and not crazy enough to keep mindlessly pressing buttons, using his command normals wildly and his special moves. Billy would be able to teach players how to make use of normal moves wisely overtime while gradually utilizing small time combos. Again, this is assuming that the player really does care to learn the fundamentals (having other decent or more skillful players around to help them would be far more beneficial) otherwise, if the beginner really did not care about learning the game (which they really should anyhow) then they wouldn’t really put any emphasis on Billy’s footsies, along with his air and ground normals. They will only resort to making reckless use of Billy’s special moves and his f+A even if the said moves can be easily rendered unsafe by players that do know what they are doing - as you said for players that don’t concern themselves with the actual learning process. Billy can still be a fundamentally based character hence the reason why JuiceboxKing would consider him as such.


Simple one this time: does KoF have an equivalent to pianoing to get the ‘press rapidly’ specials out? It feels like I can’t even alternate light/heavy attacks.


I believe rapid specials are 4 presses of 1 button in a short window. No SF like pianoing.


Actually you have what is called hold buffering. If you perform a special move and hold down the buttons it gives a several frame window where if the move can come out it does. It’s easier than Pianoing.


I know about hold buffering. Pianoing in SFIV refers to a technique for hitting 5 punch or kick buttons within a very small window in order to do a special move such as honda’s hundred hand slap or blanka’s electricity. In KOF, the equivalent moves include clark & ralf’s multiple punch move. From what I can tell, you have to press the same punch button repeatedly, unlike in SF where pressing any punch button counts towards the move.


Nigga gotta bring out the milk, heavy cream, and butter; ya’ gonna be a master at mashin’ potatoes after this. All I can think of is just putting two fingers to a button and double tapping a single button. Best wishes to you.


I know what Pianoing is and it was traditionally used in older SF games to ensure a super moves or reversal will come out which is why I gave you the answer I did. It was more synonymous with short reversal windows or tight button timings. I misunderstood what application you were referring to.

There are a few techniques you can use

Go to about 45:00 in he goes over a few of the tricks. Clark has similar ones.

Mashing isn’t too hard in this game and a lot of the applications you have time to mash them anyways.


Is there any list that goes over the best positions for each character, with reasons? I assume that is a bit of stretch.

How would K’, Billy/ClawIori, Mr. Karate be?..


@ribu it depends of the player preference, to me personally my order will be Billy/ K’, Claw Iori, Mr Karate.