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Speaking of King, and slides. In-match, I just plain mess up my buffers, trivial as they are. Is “keep trying to do it in match, get salty at constant execution mistakes” the only path to success?


Execution is really just about practice practice practice


No but I mean, does anyone have secret tech for translating training room success to less in-match salt?



The only tip I really have is practice your combos in the same way you will hit them in a match. For instance practice off dash ups, jump ins, and in punish situations.


Found a better team that feels more natural to play <3 (EX IoriKyo, K’, Beni)
Off to trials and the practice room -->

EDIT: Fuck Iori, Kyo is more fun XD


what are vice’s and chin’s play styles respectively.


Vice - Her unique thing is her EX Sleeve, it has anywhere juggle (can hit out of the aerial reset state, when you hit anti-air with a normal) and you can get a combo

Chin - I don’t entirely know.


I appreciate the responses to my earlier post, but nobody actually posted a suggestion. It’s okay though, I picked up Shen and he’s wonderfully effective and easy to play (It’s probably a bit of a problem when someone who’s all thumbs like me can pull off a 1020 damage HD combo). He doesn’t seem to have much low pressure, though. Am I wrong?


His only combo conversion off a low is HD activation. Or going into more Bs. He has good pressure with his charge punch cancel and hopping in with CD so between that and his command grab not being able to convert off a low isn’t completely neutering his design IMO.


Any tips for Elisabeth? I’m just starting out with the Elisabeth team and often placing her as last fighter, but I’m kind of lost with her tactics. She doesn’t seem that great at poking, pressure and neither she got a projectile move. What’s the strategy for her?


Make them stop blocking so you can hit them. Whether that’s by a blockstring into QCF+K -> QCF+P (does about 25% of the guard gauge IIRC) or by her command grab, if you can make the opponent do something other than block then you can land a hit. Even a stray aerial hit can go into super for some damage and setups, her j.B & j.C crossup. You can either space that well to be ambiguous or you can roll into them as they get up to make it appear as though you’re on the other side. This applies after her super and after her command grab. After the BnB finishes with the jumping normal for the air reset, usually hopping/jumping towards is the best option. If you can get them to block you can either go overhead, low, or command grab.

Also her QCF+P nullifies projectiles so if the opponent’s just sitting fullscreen throwing fireballs you can throw that out to make them do something else.


1: build meter.
2: ???
3: Profit.

I don’t get that character at all. She can kinda’ anti-zone but it’s really hard to do that and her damage is pretty bad.


Apparently she was a very braindead character in the Arcade release that everyone seems to not like remembering lol.


In original Arcade version she basically could convert off anything into super for 400 damage. Her, Kula, and Raiden were top tier and Joe and Mature had infinites.


Liz these days is more about resets, zoning, and meter building.


Thanks everyone, judging by the response it appears that Elisabeth don’t really have a lot of options in game? The tactics mentioned by RadicalFuzz seem pretty standard for most if not all characters; with cross ups, using anywhere juggle, ambiguous wake up, and vary high/low attacks. Is there anything unique to Liz that makes her somewhat special, certain things that she can do that others can’t?


The only advantage you have of picking Elizabeth is the same kind of advantage you would get if you mained Robert or to an extent Maxima. Almost no one uses these characters and you’d get wins on dudes who just don’t know the matchup. Other then that, she doesn’t have anything that makes her special.


team order needed for:


looks about right to me…


I don’t know about Mai’s meter management, but Vice works best with bar so I’d say 2nd or 3rd. Kim also benefits a lot from EX air Hangetsuzan.
@Great_Dark_Hero How does Mai benefit and use meter?

I’d try Mai-Vice-Kim because Vice & Kim can be really meter heavy, but I don’t know much about Mai so take that with a grain of salt.