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To be honest that team can sort of be played in any order depending on match up. Vice tends to be better as 2nd or anchor because she really needs meter to be scary, but she isn’t bad on point. Kim is Kim (Fucking Kim!). Mai can work as an anchor since she is actually pretty annoying if you get blow 50% and she has Neo Max stocked. She can hit you with a fan and combo that thing.

So I would say order your team depending on match ups.


All 3 characters need meter to be scary so you can put them anywhere and whoever you have in 3rd (except maybe Mai not counting her Neomax threat) can dominate with all that meter. Kim is probably your best bet on 3rd though.


Is my team order okay?


I like Terry where he is, but I really don’t like putting Saiki as an anchor, I don’t think he can make that comeback or at least I can’t make a comeback with him. However, most people who use Kensou put him on point and Terry is a great Mid/Whatever.


Terry needs meter to be good. I think there’s better characters that do what he does but 2nd is a good spot for him. Kensuo is way better with meter but he’s a good point for obvious zoning.


Thanks for the advice! But, who would you recommend over Terry? I didn’t know Kensou was better with meter, I thought he was pretty solid meterless. Where do you think I should put Saiki?


I’m not gdlk but I would say any shoto character (except Robert), any of the EX characters, Claw Iori, Kim, Goro, Clark, and Duo (who can basically do anything). Saiki can work at any spot. He’s good at zoning, has a 1 frame grab super (EX version gives you some life back), and really good air-to-air game.

As an aside, the more I use Ryo the more I think he’s badass. Really good fireballs, gdlk Mexican Uppercut that shuts down Kyo/Karate braindead jump in mixup nonsense, 3 frame LP SRK, and really good damage in the corner. My nigga does 505 damage with 1 bar and 1 drive…


Ryo’s awesome, hit-confirming overhead into Ranbu is so satisfying. He gets really good damage too.


Hey guys.
Does any1 have any tip for linking jump D into standing C with athena? When i hit the D in the waist area or below it i manage to link it like 60 % of the times , but if i hit the D above the waist it gets almost imposible. I’m noob so don’t be bad with me.


That’s just the game, not you. If you hit their head with jumping D you can’t combo off of it. To get a jump in you have to hit them extremely low in your jump. It’s easier if you’re hopping instead of full-jumping.


Tnx!!! I was geting crazy with this LOL.


Jump-ins in this game work kind of like in SF3…they need to be late in the jump-in in order to be considered a part of a combo. If you hit their head its just very little blockstun.


Hey everyone! Just a reminder that ya’ll can come here and ask questions when needed! People are here to help.



Going through a little character crisis,

I like Clark but I need another top tier on my team as a pocket character. Who should I use? I can play Kim but I don’t find him or EX Iori to be fun. Benimaru looks great but I think Chin or EX Karate would be the most optimal choice. I use EX Kyo and Terry, Terry is my anchor and EX Kyo plays either point or second character, so I would like a character who can build the meter Terry needs to function and can do some damage.


Karate or Beni on point, EX Kyo as a meter building machine to feed Terry the gas to kill.
Clark/EX Kyo/Terry doesn’t sound that bad to me though.


I’m going to use this team since I love the flow of Clark/EX Kyo/Terry, but I have been noticing that everyone who plays this game well and at a high level can use multiple characters well. As a result, I want more top tier goodness in my repertoire. Besides, it seems like everyone has a pocket Chin or Karate nowadays :).


What are some realistic goals I can set for myself in trying to learn this game?

Also, in learning movement options, can you think of anything specific I can do to practice or reinforce how they should be used?

I have been playing fighters about a year now. I mostly play SF4 and almost always keep my cool, but playing KoF13 makes me incredibly salty. I think it is because I have no clue what to do so I hesitate and flounder constantly, and when I do decide to do something I fail to execute it properly. What I did in SF4 was just keep running into the wall until it stopped hurting, so I’m guessing I should do the same thing for this game.


Specific goals, hm. Doing things consistently in training mode, like hops, run up throws and stuff. Practice hitconfirming on a random blocking dummy (needs to be crouching for low confirm practice). One important skill to learn is to block as many hops as possible on reaction when you’re being pressured.

As with SF, try to do stuff grounded or hopping if possible. Full or especially super jumps forward are something to be used sparingly.

It’s funny, KOF is so fun to me I just can’t get salty almost no matter what. And yes, hesitation kills in upclose situations. In upclose situations most everything is too fast to properly react to. You have to commit and trust that your stuff works to get anything done. Much the same as Street Fighter, really. One big difference is that although frame trapping in KOF is important and pretty effective, it is not as central to upclose pressure as it is in Street Fighter. Many characters’ throw techs are basically option selects with their close C, which is typically a very fast button - 3 or 4 frames, so even if you make it a point to stay out of throw range you can get blown up for careless pressure.

The basic building block of KOF pressure is the high/low/throw mixup, which every character can do and which most everyone actually also fears. You have to stand to DP and to tech in this game, leaving you open to lows. Stuff like empty hop, throw is nice, easy and nasty. cr.B, cr.B, run up or walk up throw works well also. Just be aware that characters in KOF remain throw invincible a good bit longer than they do in SF4 after waking up/exiting hit/blockstun. So something like hop CD into tick throw isn’t instant, but rather “hop CD, noticeable pause, tick throw”. Of course you can just do the classic jump attack, low short to keep them guessing. DPs can’t be FADCed to be safe so you can bait those out and tear people new assholes.

The Beginner’s Incomplete Guide to KOF by DandyJ is a classic for getting to grips with KOF if you have a Street Fighter background:

Also, because of hops and high run speeds KOF13 isn’t as much about spacing your buttons perfectly as SF - in SF you often try to be spaced just right to outreach someone by a couple pixels to get damage in. KOF, you know someone is trying to sweep you for example, you can just hop in and tear him a new asshole, and so forth. The spacing is more gross, and it’s more about active movement, timing and angles than prolonged pixel perfect spacing. Improper spacing is definitely a thing, but most situations last only for a brief moment after which the fighters are elsewhere already.


Get to grips with your team first, then expand out when you get decent, IMO. No use in learning odds and ends of a ton of characters while not actually getting a deep understanding of your own team. (The very basics of other characters is helpful because you can grok what they do, but knowing move properties and being able to set stuff up in training mode is enough at first at least).