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(idea sniped from Buktooth’s thread)


You already know the answer to that. That super could combo or link off anything and gives oki mixup afterward.

c.MK is her main poke to keep people out on the ground, it’s got good priority and is only -2 on block so it’s safe.

Her toward+HK axe kick and toward+MK overhead beat a lot of low and mid moves and have pretty good priority/range. Her toward+HK is only -1 on block so it’s not punishable unless it’s parried or whiffs.

Her toward+MK overhead is +9 on block so it it’s actually free blockstring if it’s blocked. The other thing is her toward+MK is only -4 on parry, so even if the opponent parries you’re safe in a lot of situations.

Pretty much all of her moves are safe on block except for her slides. Never use the df.MK or qcf+P unless you know it will hit, because if either one is blocked you’re in for a beating. On a side note, the second hit of qcb+MK is safe on block (-2), and the third hit is safe on hit (+1), so always confirm hit/block with that move. Basically, if they block only do 2 hits, and if it hits then do the third hit ender.

Jump up HP is also really good (surprisingly good) priority. Vertical j.HP or vertical j.qcf+P will stuff a lot of shit, and if the HP is parried you can still airchain into toward+MK (j.HP-toward+MK).

Her anti-airs are basically c.HP (always HJC) or back+MP, and if you anti-air parry a jump-in you can close HK HJC j.HP-toward+MK immediately afterward for huge damage and stun.


Whats a good damaging combo to use as punishment?

Whats a good follow up to LP -> MP -> d.HK -> HK -> SJC?


What are consistent ways to keep pressure on opponents via Ibuki rushdown?


LP-MP-HP xx qcb+2K is ideal for damage/stun at point blank (it does more than MK xx qcb+2K/hcb+HP).

If you parry the last hit of Chun SA.2 you can j.HP, MK xx qcb+2K
Never use LK-MK, it reduces the damage of your combo significantly.

Highest damage/stun you can do only works on crouching tall characters (Akuma, Dudley, Hugo, Q, and Urien)
If one of those tall guys are crouching you can do: LP-MP-HP, link MK xx qcb+2K
It’s a tight link but well worth the damage and stun.

Best stuff to follow up LP-MP-d.HK-HK-SJC is your air chain or qcf+2P
The parry timing for j.HP-j.toward+MK air chain is different than it is for j.LP-j.toward+HP, so randomly mix which airchain you use to throw off their parry timing. Throwing EX Kunai (qcf+2P) can also screw with their parry timing, so randomly mix between airchain and knives to throw off their timing.

Against shotos and Oro it’s better to just option-parry on your way down and get ready to either block or throw as soon as you land.

When you don’t already have momentum, knives are your best friend. EX knives especially. If there’s a break in your attack strings you can try to use MP or toward+HK to discourage poking or jumping. You can also use vertical jumping HP to stop them from jumping or dashing, or basically just to stop them in general. Treat vertical j.HP as a great big old stop sign (like Chun b+HP). You can also jump vertically and pay attention to how they react, if they move forward but outside your j.HP range you can throw a qcf+LP to discourage them from getting any closer or attacking your feet as you land (be wary of fireballs that eat your knives though).

Use frame advantage situations to option-parry/throw.
Advancing jabs, option parry/throw
against a crouching opponents close LP-MP (2nd hit whiffs), option parry/throw
against standing opponents MK or LP-MP-HP xx qcf+LK, option parry/throw
toward+MK into whatever you want
Blocked qcb+MK, option parry/throw/melee
Hit qcb+MK (with 3rd hit), option parry/melee
UOH, option parry/throw
crossup j.MK, throw/LK-MK xx qcf+LK
hit slide (df.MK), option parry/throw

Just don’t get predictable or you’ll end up getting parried or reversaled. Your low attacks are your crouching kicks, so don’t neglect them, and don’t spam too many LP’s since it can be parried both directions. If you’re having trouble keeping pressure, analyze how your opponents are getting out and think of ways to stop them from doing what they are doing.


I could be wrong, but isn’t cr.rh-s.rh sj hp-t+mk more damaging than mk xx raida?


MK Raida, yeah…

vs standing opponents:
close HK, HJC, HP-toward+MK = 42
LP-MP-HP, hcb+HP = 46
MK xx hcb+HP = 46
LP-MP-HP, qcb+2K = 48
MK, qcb+2K = 50
close c.HK-HK, HJC, HP-toward+MK = 53
j.HP, MK, hcb+HP = 64
j.HP, MK, qcb+2K = 67

vs crouching opponents:
close c.HK-HK, HJC, HP-toward+MK = 58
MK xx qcb+2K = 62
LP-MP-HP, MK xx qcb+2K = 75

Damages where taken from opponent Akuma. Against higher defense characters it makes little to no difference. And the LP-MK-HP, MK link only works on tall characters (listed in previous post).

For stuff like parrying Chun SA.2 I’d recommend j.HP, MK, hcb+HP or qcb+2K. And for stuff like blocking Ken SA.3 I’d recommend LP-MP-HP, qcb+HP or qcb+2K.

On a side note, even though close HK diagonal HJC is your weakest option I really like it anyway because diagonal jumps more options for okizeme afterward. Plus c.HK is slow. And even though qcb+2K is only about 2 points stronger than hcb+P, you recover a lot faster with qcb+2K than with hcb+HP which gives you better pressure/okizeme options.

Personally, my all-purpose punisher is usually just MK, qcb+2K. I’d rather sacrifice the 3 points (or less) damage for the opportunity to rushdown after EX kicks. And the 8 points damage difference between close HK HJC and MK, qcb+2K is literally the amount of damage your j.LK does. I see the implied damage from okizeme as worth it.


Option parry/throw/melee… what’s that?


In situations where you have frame advantage or frame neutrality you can input a parry and then immediately throw, or just immediately throw. The reason this works is that most fast attacks are light attacks or reversals that can be parried in either direction or low, so you want to input down as an option-select parry, then attempt a throw, or skip the parry attempt and go right for the throw.

Your other options are: block (beats reversals), and attack. Attacking is usually risky in these situations though because they lose to parries and reversals and don’t really get you anywhere if the opponent just blocks.

So for example, let’s say your opponent is crouching Ken and you just made him block a close LP-MP (second hit whiffs), that’s a good option-select situation. Here’s your good options:

  • LP-MP, tap down, throw
  • LP-MP, throw
  • LP-MP, block


Top Ibukis in the states?

SA2 Setups? (Besides the traditional Short -> Forward -> Command Dash -> SA2)

Any uses for the command jump-over move? (:dp: :p:) [Besides poor SA2 setups]

  1. The hell kinda question is that? I’m the greatest.

  2. SA2 setups? Find a better super. Better off asking Yeah Dood since he plays around with it more. My setup is randomly walk up super. That’s it.

  3. Command jump move is best used as just a random mix up tactic. You can use it to escape from the corner but the start up is a little slow. Nice thing about this move though is that if you get hit during the move you are in an airborne state. That way if Ken is doing his wake up normal pressure and tries to get you in target combo to super on the wake up you will get hit by s.MP but actually reset back on your feet and the rest of his attacks whiff. More useful when you’re not in the corner so you actually get some space to move afterwards.

Only other time I use it is to randomly close a round by flipping over the opponent and then cancelling into SA1 while airborne. That or flip over Genei Jin and then use SA1 after crossing the opponent up on the other side to push them away and waste time off their bar.



I uploaded a video for the command jump over move. It’s something you can do, it works best if your opponent is in the corner though. Its also a good way to set up chip damage kill.


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Have any good setups that will space Ibuki to cross-up an opponent without being obvious?

Sorry so general. My cross-up game sucks.


try crossing up with kunais


As long as I’ve been playing, I still had no clue what option select is. Thanks Xeno~


Hmm. Man, I don’t even really put much thought into when I crossup, it’s just kind of second nature/auto-pilot. Usually when I know a cornered opponent can be crossed up I got for crossup j.MK or j.LK-toward+MK (j.LK crosses up at the right height too).

I also sometimes go for crossups when I see my opponent whiff a poke. It’s just second nature to stand at ideal crossup range because it’s also ideal anti-air range.

You might want to ask DevilJin or Nate for more about this. I’ll try and pay attention next time I play at a local.

That’s just one form of option-selecting. There actually a few others.

Another one is to push down+back+LP+LK during a throw-trap situation
If the opponent throws the game will register the LP+LK as a tech throw and you’ll tech
If the opponent doesn’t throw then you should just stick out a c.LP instead.

Another one is to do UOH and buffer SA.3, assuming you time it right here’s what happens:
If the UOH hits you’ll automatically combo the SA.3
If it gets blocked you don’t do the SA.3
If it gets parried you don’t do the SA.3

Same timing for all three, you just input the super at the right time and the game chooses the right option for you.

With SA.1 you can do a far HK and buffer SA.1, if it hits you’ll throw the super, if it whiffs or is blocked you won’t throw the super. This is because far HK can only be super jump canceled on hit, doesn’t SJC on block or parry.

But option-parrying will be your most useful option-select, so learn to use and abuse it.


Yeah… I’m just asking because Ken has quite a few setups like that… where he knocks you down, then Ken ends up at a perfect distance where he can cross-up just as you wake up. I’ve also seen good Ken players do some ground moves to keep you from moving, then suddenly they jump to cross-up and it becomes really difficult to counter. I was wondering if there are any solid setups for Ibuki… that’s all.

I also have bad timing crossing-up with j.MK. I hit too early and end up getting thrown. Don’t know if it’s an XBL thing or what.

I hope DJ can help. :slight_smile: