Ask Xeris: Being Motha Russia


Obvious Satire is Obvious.
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Where did all those scars on your arms and legs come from and why are they in the shape of X’s?


how do russians get to america? is it the same as asians? on a container.


Why do you guys love obnoxious techno music?


why did you guys imprison dostoyevsky, are you guys that backwards?


why do you like sex with bears so much? Why are you so free in SF4?


How did you people invent the SPD ?


Do all of you guys cheat at cards? Or is that just my friend at work.


Why are you so S-Rank in Super? Seriously WTF [media=youtube]G3AnluFpbkE&feature=player_embedded#[/media]


^ i just threw up in my mouth. That was the grosser than 2 girls 1 cup.


Why are you so free to Standing Roundhouse?


lolol no more wake up dp


This angers me.



Obviously the X’s stand for Xeris~ ;D CAPCOM Saw much promise in MOTHA RUSSIA, and decided that the scars would be symbol of great player. Me~

Hmmm… I’m not sure entirely. I think we legitimately come here~
but what about THIS?

In soviet russia, prison backward’s you.

Versus mighty polar bear, then watch this video.
If I remember the past couple of nights correctly, someone’s been getting smashed on.

Well, you see, what happened is, Zangief wrestle mighty Polar Bear, then cyclone pick me up as I pile driving him, and I get good idea, see? Tornado make Zangief S - Tier :slight_smile:

STRICN9NE No, only your friends. :frowning: Sorry Comrade

SLASH$FREE.99 In soviet russia, Standing Free’s Roundhouse You!

YANGING I will enjoy my counter ultra, since nerf been rolling in for Zangief Motha Russia~ :frowning:
:smiley: This makes me smile :smiley: I told everyone on the threads it was invincible on start up, they didn’t believe me:shake:


who is MOTHER RUSSIA?? is she a milf and can i hook up with her?


Why’d you hit that kid on the bus after saying racist things to him?




Why you take it up the butt? And why does AJ stay slurping you up


why is samB so free to uncombos?
also, why is head so fucking big?
it’s like, “hey arnold” proportions.


I’m going to sue your ass for plagiarism.