Asked about 3soe = Closed Mouth? FUUUUUUUU?

This will probably start some speculation…

"In response to being asked for details on 3rd Strike Online:

Sven - Not a chance… this is one of the projects I’m most excited about and we’re keeping things under wraps until we’re much closer to release. "

I have my god damn fingers and toes crossed that this dude is only excited because the online features and netcode is fucking god like. Unfortunately though, this is Capcom were talking about and your favorite fighter remake is NEVER safe in the hands of business men. I don’t understand why this game would be “under wraps” if it were just a simple re-port with great online features, this to me sounds like there is definitely some changes on the way and I can only hope its something like being able to create your own personal character color scheme or some shit. With that being said, I love 3s the way it is and don’t want it to be changed at all, but when I sit down and actually ask myself if Sean or some other gimp character were buffed a bit, would I actually not play the game? If the system mechanics and flow of the game don’t change and it still feels like my favorite fighter, then no. I hope everybody else that doesn’t want the game to be changed feels the same optimism as me.

PS: Heard some shit about Westcoast Warzone taking out 3s for UMK3? How a broken dumb ass game like UMK3 replaces 3s is beyond me. 3s is really the most unappreciated fighting game in America.

In response to your comment about WCW dropping 3rd Strike, it makes sense. In regards to everyone who actually played… I think there was a total of about 20 players, maybe, at SCR. And maybe two people had access to PS2 sticks. No one really carries them anymore. General lack of interest in 3rd Strike + no one wants to use that hardware anymore = no one wants to have it official at a major, per se. Add in how the majority of the devoted 3rd Strike players would rather opt for arcade, since no port is completely perfect and faithful to the arcade version.

I’ve already heard a few things about 3SO. You’ll like.

I trust you, Duralath, that I will like this.

I know that you won’t break this trust. :slight_smile:

Yeah the replacement of 3s by UMK3 of all games is a true mystery to me. Maybe when Marvel2 starts getting pushed out of lineups Primal Rage will take its place?

I would imagine that’d happen when Tekken gets pushed out of lineups, if the rumors are true.

Still doesn’t make sense to me. :frowning:

Replace a game with consistent 20+ entries with a game like 5 people take seriously, majority being on EC. The stick issue is with UMK3 aswell, Mortal Kombat has a specific layout and only a few people actually have joysticks for them. (Pad Warriors)

lmao primal rage was pretty dope :X

Paying 50$ to play in any tourney is a mind twister. What am I actually paying for? Pot bonus to sf4? Daigo to fly in? Badges w/ a fucking lanyard? This is the reason no one signs up for hotel console tourneys. Plus 3s players are lazy.

Does capcom USA actually do anything really? To me it seems like they just translate whatever capcom japan does and post it online.

Watch a umk3 tourney video. It’s so fucking stupid lol.

If 3s OE is decent I’m sure it’ll be back at tourneys.

The GameBoy version of Primal Rage had jab-juggle infinites. Did the other versions suffer from that? If yes, then we have a worthy replacement for the broken piece of shit that is 3S. Yun’s infinites are so boring.

But really, 3S is my favourite game ever and while I’d play any new SF3 game to death if it came out, 3S is absolutely perfect as it is and I still do NOT want it to be ‘rebalanced’. IF, however, Capcom do feel the need to go tinkering, I wish they would just also add a couple of new characters and call it 3.4 instead. 3S is 3S - if it’s modified, we’re left with the pointless discrepancy between console and arcade that’s always been there. Why do we need to put up with that for any longer?

I wonder if the engine would allow a dramatic battle and world tour mode, and alternate costumes like those of MvC3. Some guy in the front page suggested the addition of “alternate personas” like ST, A2G, and more explicitly HSF2/A. That would be kind of interesting too.
I hope they just focus in these kind of extras and don’t get into the game exactly.

Since it’s called 3SOE I don’t think we’ll see any major new content. It would be very cool to see like 2 new characters added to the roster along with some tweaking because at that point it’d really be a new game entirely. Since I’m assuming that’s not the case I hope they don’t feel the need to touch the way the game plays. It’s just too expensive I think and the character’s would stick out unless they can dig up the team that worked on the original. That would be incredible but I’m 99% sure that won’t be happening.

We’re already split along so many different lines with 3S. Why not release the port to end all ports world-wide and end the bullshit. Almost certainly we would see 3S at every major event again. Everyone has a stick that works on ps3 or 360 these days so just having 3S available on those consoles is an instant way to get people playing.

My guess is what they’re keeping under wraps is maybe basic fan service stuff. Maybe they have a bunch of concept art lying around. Putting second impact stages into the game? Maybe more colors? NG and SI music selectable? I think it’ll be more stuff along these lines.

It doesn’t matter to me much anymore whether they modify it or not. It’s changed for worse, then there is still offline and GGPO to play the original.

i trust this man :tup:

Man I really hope 3SO gets at least a little tournament/streaming spotlight when it comes out.Even if its a brief spotlight, I don’t want the game to just go back to how it is now straightaway.

why should we trust him…?

Because Duralath is the man, that’s all that needs to be said. ;D

idk you guys can find a reason and thats why i said I trust him rather than we have to trust him :tup:

Well he did give us a sneak taste of how the 3S characters played in SSF4 pre-release, so I’ll trust that he’s heard at least a few things about 3SOE. If they’re THAT adamant about keeping information hush-hush until near release, then whatever.

I have a boner.

I, uh, “didn’t” speak with someone while at SCR who “didn’t” give me info. >.>