Asked about 3soe = Closed Mouth? FUUUUUUUU?

cuz its Duralath

Nominated for an article. ;D

Heres to hoping he know’s about something that would be awesome to know. coughnochangedtogameplaycoughcough


I told him at SCR that 3soe was going to be awesome. i think maybe he was referring to that.

With regards to what I was told, I didn’t get to mention to my source a few things that actually must be changed.

Ken’s neutral throw glitch on Makoto (that shuts the game off) requires removal.
Remy’s throw glitch on Urien should probably be removed as well (though, for laughs, maybe it should stay).

I had also thought about telling them to remove Makoto’s apparent invincibility after neutral throw, but eh, that one can stay as well. So pretty much, the only thing that really has to go is the Ken neutral throw glitch on Makoto.

Why remove anything from the arcade version including bugs and glitches? I have never seen those happen in the arcade version before in an actual match and they seem almost trivial at this point. Arcade perfect is arcade perfect and nothing less. At the very worst you could install a soft dipswitch into the game software that allows you to toggle those on (default) or off. If 3S survived in the arcades this long with those glitches then are they really that bad that they need to be removed? If they were so bad why is 3S at SBO year after year? I don’t think anything “needs” to be changed.

They’re minute changes, yes. However, consider the first and foremost change that was presented in regards to playing online.

You’re playing as Makoto. The Ken player ends up beating you, but he does it with neutral throw. Game crashes. Not exactly the type of thing you want to happen if you’re playing arcade-style, where it’s just you and another guy going at it in match play. Or the potential for things to get awry if there’s anything like team battle, a la SSF4.

It runs akin to the Gambit glitch in MVC2, or anything of that sort. It’s something that actually affects the gameplay to the point where the game is required to be reset. Put that on in online play, and it’s a pain/hassle. It’s one of the things that actually needs to be addressed. It’s not just a port you’re talking about here, but you have to make the game functional for online. It already somewhat is (see: GGPO), but even then, one of the points is making the transition as seamless as possible. It’s a functional road bump that should be avoided.

I also think Ken’s neutral throw on Makoto glitch needs to be fixed. I’ve accidently done it a couple of times at the arcade and Ken is not even my main character, so it’s not really that uncommon… Having to restart the board kinda sucks. Can you imagine that happening when playing online? You will never see it happen at SBO because it’s officially banned in tournaments in Japan.

I’ve done the Ken one at least 5 times in my life on accident. Including one time I did it to some guy twice in the span of like 15 mins. Felt so dumb to have to go tell the operator the second time.

Also, even if the game has been around for the longest time, remember: Capcom’s producing a game that new people will play. Potentially, they won’t know about the glitch. Consider the madness that will ensue when new players are subject to this.


Okay, it’s obviously not going to be as retarded as that (or maybe it will), but the same point applies: it’s something that affects gameplay, and how the game actually runs.

You would only be worried about the makoto/ken and remy/urien glitches if you knew that they’re porting the arcade version of 3s to 3s:OE.

Is that what you’re saying? You know that 3s:OE will be an arcade perfect port?

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hey Duralath,

if your source needed to be TOLD about the makoto/ken glitch then I feel bad for us real 3s fans. Real bad indeed.
Also, I wouldn’t compare it to the gambit glitch because the K/M glitch only works at the very end of a match. Gambit glitch is done at the beginning, but maybe I’m just arguing semantics here…

I say keep urien remy glitch, it’s always fun/funny.

It has already been confirmed that they are porting the arcade version.

That’s from his Twitter.

Honestly if they need to be told about that, it’s probably a good thing (in that it’s pretty unlikely that any actual changes are being made).

Hopefully custom color edits and stages from the previous two games (as an option) are in. That’s really all I want besides an improved training mode and great online modes and connection.

Lenin. It might not have been on their mind, or it might be a minor oversight. That’s all.

Mind you. They said that the base is 990512. The base. As in, that’s what they’re going off of. Whether changes are made or not, you’ll find out soon enough.

Everyone’s only jumping on this bit of (non) news since nothing has been said about the game so far. I can wait.

I’ve never seen anyone or personally done the ken vs mak glitch on accident. That one though is against sbo rules so that’s fine imo if they remove it but I want to keep the other 2 ways to glitch the game like that in the game. One of them being the urien and remy one that’s already mentioned.

edit: hope for the best, expect the worse. here’s to high hopes to new port of 3s!

That was HILARIOUS. I was just recently joking about the game, and its WEIRD execution/gameplay.

I JUST personally found out about the Urien/Remy throw glitch :blush: I tried to do it on Rockefeller at ffa tonight lol. Here’s what the glitch looks like, at about 0:48 seconds into the vid [media=youtube]dHb_cwK-KgM[/media]

I HAVE seen the Ken/Makoto throw glitch during an actual match–at ffa, but NOT a tourney match, at least! I turned the games back on so ppl could keep using the machines, and I was banned from playing 3S for the rest of the night, because I didn’t get permission to help by moving/touching the cabinets lol.

I ALSO did the Necro/Q super glitch during at least 2 matches, and the time when I did it at ffa, I had been killed by the glitch. Q was left stunned for about 30 seconds, the player (he’s another JR but not JR the Akuma player lol) said “WTF!” and eventually, the screen changed to the next screen…maybe the timer kept running and got to zero, to declare him the winner, even though he already won, of course! (The other time, I jabbed the Q player out of it, to keep the match going, cos that’s just CHEAP–EVEN if rare; beyond Chun/Yun :P) I GUESS the idea is that even the cool bugs are part of 3S’s charm lol.

Do I see someone actively defending game-breaking (in the most literal sense of the phrase) glitches?

Now glitches that work in tandem with gameplay I can understand, but a game system resetting when Ken neutral throws Makoto for the KO? You want the Xbox 360 or PS3 to reset itself everytime that happens?

I thought all those glitches only happened in the old type build of arcade 3s. I’ve definitely seen Ken kill makoto with a neutral throw a lot of times over the years. Didn’t they fix all of those glitches (including Urien’s unblockable setups) in the new type build of arcade 3s? Why wouldn’t they just port that version?

I don’t think anyone WANTS it as a specific feature. But sometimes code like that is buried so deep and if things aren’t coded extremely well can be nearly impossible to remove without breaking everything else.

So saying you want that removed is like saying it matters enough that it’ll potentially take a long time to be released and more money than Capcom will likely spend.

Glitches like that exist in basically every game and they will never be patched or fixed. The time required to go through someone elses code and find that kind of shit can be offensively long. Then to fix it, test it all, etc.

So no. I don’t think anyone is defending them. More just saying if you try to go in and fix these things you’re going to open a huge can of worms. Almost certainly it’d turn into a mess on Capcom’s end. They should fix the makoto ken glitch if they can without having to rebuild the game.

Because who the hell wants to play the game without unblockables? They’ve stated the version they’re using so this is a totally moot line of thought anyway.