Asking for some donations


Hey everyone, just to introduce myself, Ive been a member of SRK for over10 years (I went by AHVB until i got banned lol and I had some other account before that whose name i cant remember). I’ve never done anything
Iike this before so even here its embarassing, but I need everyones help for a good friend of mine and im trying to get help by any means necessary.

My friend eve while visiting Brazil got into a really bad biking accident that injured her femoral artery. She was sent to a public hospital where they performed a ridiculous surgery that left her leg 3cms shorter than the other and an infection that nearly killed her. Through the help of some witty friends, the american consulate and $10,000.00 from a family member, she was admitted to a private hospital where the infection was treated and she is currently undergoing treatment for her injuries. In Brazil, private hospitals only take money upfront and you can go to jail for non-payment. She cant come back to the US because her doctors told her that her bloodclots will explode if she were to get on an airplane. Im asking for money because we want to keep her out of that public hospital that nearly killed her and I sure as hell dont want her to go to jail, treatment in total is going to cost around $100,000.00, weve raised about $17,000.00 so far. Please, even if its a dollar , please help. If you would like to donate, please click the link below amd make a donation. Thank you.