Asking pro Seth Players

In your personal experience, is Seth one of the hardest characters in the game to fight with? I’d like an idea of what it’s like when you’re actually busting your butt in tournaments against other players.

Yes,Because You Need To Do More Risky Guesses Then Opponent and One Bad Guess ITs Over…If You Dont Care Risking,Go FOr Seth…He Can Perfect Daigo…

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Also I’m not sure if he is one the hardest. It depends on how long you want the list of ‘‘hardest’’ to go. I’d say Fuerte, Gen, Dan, Blanka etc. are harder to have actual tournament success with.

Mayb thts annoying,So WHat?

Definitely not the hardest, because he has a solid moveset and a lot of options in bad situations.
That, and no one really knows the matchup that well.

Seth was a Glass BB gun in SF4.
Seth was a Glass airsoft gun in SSF4.
Seth is a Tempered Glass airsoft gun in AE.

its a lot of losing
then a lot of doing average
then a lot of hatemail

what is the difference in seth’s dive kick in vanilla and in ae?im playing seth and im just new in ssf4ae.tnx

In Vanilla it did more hitstun & activated very quickly… It was pretty impressive, coupled with his nuts teleports he was terrifying.

But Vanillas standard damage output remedied that… I work my ass off VS Sagat for him to land SRK -> FADC -> Dead Seth

You beat a lot of people for free by flowcharting.

Seth doesn’t have to work excessively hard if you know your shit and your matchups. You always have to work harder against better players.

Play him if you like him after losing 30 games in a row against a better player.

I’ll answer this instead of my previous post of uselessness.

Seth is fun, intimidating, and built like a cardboard robot. In tournament, I think I have had more fun getting reactions out of the discoveries I have made in training mode and showing them off than actually winning. I get enjoyment by exposing people to a characters’ full potential. My very first time breaking Seth out in tournament (I was still REALLY bad at SF, so bare with me), I was playing my good friend Dkn29’s Rufus at a house-tournament in WA. Both of us were low on health, full screen away, and he was building meter with galactic tornados. I executed HP Super and sucked in him full-screen, the reaction was incredible.

Even though I lost this game, this was another one of my favorites caught on film: