ASOB cyclops' AHVB

any body use it?
Air Super Optic Blast?
very similar to AHVB,
however one cannot chain multiples (or so i think :wonder:)
just like AHVB it starts up faster than a regular ground kick special,
from what i’ve tried, it can get more aim onto a flying target than a ground kick special.

tell me what you think cause i haven’t seen any players do it.
the closest i’ve seen was JW using gene splice + ASOB.

He has too much of a recovery at the end and he’s about 6-9 feet off the ground because he floats up. Great against full screen flying Sentinel’s who don’t have unfly (rare) and for DHCs is decent. Other than that, nothing.

I do know I used to do a combo with doom that does super optic blast into mega optic blast… I forgot it though, but it always worked.

Yeah i recently chained 2 Sobs with doom AA but its not that special cause it works for alot of supers but I do like pulling that shit off on people.
Most of the time they are like, “Ummmm WTF? 2 SOBS?”

Ello Im new to the threads but as far as I can tell there is no chaining SOB. But I have a combo or a group of combos that can will give the effect fo a chained SOB. (Plz understand that I have not at all learned the abbreviations for the versus series so I’m going to do my best.^_^) s.lp,, Launcher, follow into the air with lp, lk, lp, lk, at that point the fighter should be right under Cyclops at that point do SOB and hold down and follow the fighter around to the left or right with the SOB (your air combo will reset and SOB will start its own combo.) As the SOB ends the fighter should be above Cyclops, with you both still in the air use lk, lp and another SOB. (Note: SOB can be chained up to 3 times using the lk, lp SOB method. I’ve use this combo quite often at home and in the arcade, and with the arcade version I have noticed that some characters will be beside Cyclops instead of above him after the first SOB not sure if that is one of the differences of the port or not but if it happens a good finisher is an air throw. with the combo and the air throw alone doing about half a life bar in damage!!!)