Aspect Ratio on Modern vs. Classic Fighting Games

So I’m in the process of putting together my home gaming system and I’m to the point where I’m deciding on the screen.

My question being, has any one had experience with playing modern fighting games (i.e. anything PS3 era) on a 4:3 CRT? Is this completely unheard of? Every YouTube video, every tournament, etc. are all using 16:9 LCD’s now (obviously, because that’s the industry standard); but I know that for playing classic games (arcade and console) CRT still reigns supreme in both image quality (due to natural CRT interpolation and scan) and input lag (as in zero).

So if I were to put a CRT, even a high quality Arcade CRT into a gaming system, would I be completely handicapping my modern fighting game experience?

Arcade CRTs don’t tend to go very far above 640x480. Are you planning on experiencing modern HD fighters in actual HD? You’re not gonna get that from an arcade monitor.

Even if you open yourself up to HD CRTs, I don’t think they’ve made any that do 1080p, so you will have to run everything in 1080i at the highest (or 720p, which in either most or all HD CRTs, downscales to 480p, throwing lots of detail away). Not to mention, if you’re playing older games, HD CRTs do actually lag in 480i (a hard lesson I learned with my XBR800).

It seems like the hardcore are investing in external video scalers and running older games through that into a modern LCD or plasma. Yeah you throw out the undeniable benefits of a beautiful CRT but that’s basically what you do when you upgrade to a flatpanel.

Personally I’m not that hardcore, so I have a RGB-capable 25" CRT TV (Sony KV25XBR) for anything under 480p, and everything above 480p I run on my HDTV (currently a Sony KV34XBR800 CRT but I’m getting a flatpanel in the future). That may be your best bet, running older games on a nice CRT (find one with component and you’ll be fine, I only got RGB because I had to be just.that.damn.leet.) and get that authentic CRT experience bringing out older games’ full detail, and then for everything newer, run it through a modern TV and get the benefit of HD (which will go far to make a game pretty) and usually size as well. And while no set is going to look exactly like a CRT there are plenty of good flatpanels that have such a good and vivid image that you won’t care that it doesn’t “pop” like on a nice CRT.

Sf4 plays in 4:3, every other adds black bars to the top and bottom to keep it 16:9


No, I know how resolutions work… I’m talking about gameplay. I’m wondering how the shift from 16:9 to 4:3 would affect gameplay.

So does SF4 use a more drastic “zoom” function when players back up to the edge of the 16:9 screen on a 3:4 screen?

Oh word, well yeah everything is the same in terms of gameplay, some games letterbox (MVC3) and some games increase the vertical height and output in 4:3 (SF4). The gameplay is still the same, you don’t hop forward less (gameplay-wise) in SF4 because the game isn’t wide or anything like that.

SF4 adds more space above and below the player that would’ve been cropped off in 16:9

That’s… actually very intelligent… wonder why they didn’t do that for MvC3?

Probably because of the super-jumps and all. That way, a 4:3 screen would have an advantage over a 16:9 one, by being able to see a flying opponent from way higher up. It’s not really an issue in any SF.

On a side note, SSF2T:HDR does the same thing as SF4: adds more of the background to the top (and probably a little bit on the bottom) of the screen.

Good point.

I guess I should turn this into a “does anyone have opinions on the best arcade RGB (DSUB) CRT monitor” thread… but I’m sure there’s one buried in this forum somewhere.